There are all types of teams involved with the Run the Rocks event to support those who have been affected by lung disease: corporations, friends, co-workers, and families.

Once you register, you will have access to terrific tools to help you have a great team experience.

  • A team consists of a Captain (and a Co-Captain if you desire) and as many team members as you can find!
  • Teams can be classified as Corporate (representing a company or organization) or Friends & Family.
  • Monies raised by individuals on a team combine to make that team’s fundraising total.
  • No; the registration fees are the same for individuals and team members and fundraising goals are determined by the Team Captain.
  • Teams generate enthusiasm before, during, and after the event.
  • Teams provide a way for groups to get involved with the American Lung Association and raise awareness of healthy lungs and air as well as the programs we offer.
  • Teams provide a support mechanism for members during the training and fundraising season.
  • Teams allow organizations to show their philanthropic spirit.
  • Teams provide a way for people to come together. The event provides a common goal for team members to rally around.
  • Team participation creates great community visibility for a company or organization.
  • A team provides great motivation to reach a personal fitness goal while enjoying time with others.
  • Teams can win great prizes for spirit, fundraising and participation!
  • Web Tools: As a participant, you have access to great online tools that you and your team members can use to register, send email messages, request and track donations, and monitor progress. Build a web page for your team and have each team member create a personal page, too!
  • Emails: We'll help you through the process of being a team captain by providing you with regular emails tailored to help you with recruitment, organization, and fundraising.
  • Internal kick offs and informational meetings: We'll work with you to have a memorable team kick-off.
  • A customizable Participant Center this is a great way to engage your network!
  • On-line fundraising
  • Materials to download
  • Stories to share about lung disease and real life examples of people who have benefitted from our programs and services.
  • Connection to staff members Donna & Mary who can give plenty of assistance along the way; simply send an email anytime to
  • YES! Simply send them to URL to your Personal Fundraising Page! Note: Both the Personal Fundraising Page and the Team Page URL’s are customizable. Simply send an email to for assistance.

Thank You to our Local Corporate Partners