About the Firefighter Challenge

Firefighter Challenge, sponsored by Buffalo Medical Group Oncology & Pulmonology Departments

The mission of the American Lung Association hits close to home with firefighters because of their increased susceptibility to lung disease. Have your department join us at the 2024 Buffalo Fight For Air Climb to fund a world free from lung disease.

New for 2024, in addition to our traditional “full-gear” challenge, we will also offer a “partial gear” / “helmets and packs” challenge for those firefighters hoping to remain extra safe from the cancer-causing chemicals in turnout gear. We will offer awards for full-gear, partial gear, junior / explorers, and no gear / first responder firefighter categories.

Thank you to our 2023 Fight For Air Climb Buffalo Firefighter Challenge Sponsor, Buffalo Medical Group Oncology & Pulmonology Departments!

Please visit the following pages for an explanation of our route options, participation types, awards, and gear requirements for those firefighters competing in full gear, partial gear, or no gear!

The impact of lung disease on firefighters:


  • Respiratory diseases remain a significant health issue firefighters and emergency responders
  • In the line of duty, firefighters may experience occupational exposure to gases, chemicals, particulate and other substances with potentially damaging short and long-term effects on the respiratory system.
  • Firefighters are at a higher risk of developing chronic issues, including lingering cough, hoarseness, asthma, and allergies and in more extreme cases, may be diagnosed with lung or bronchial cancer

Why firefighters should participate:


  • Helps build stamina
  • Excellent way to build upper body strength
  • Healthy competition with other fire stations
  • Access to training location
  • Builds physical and mental confidence
  • Increases lung disease awareness, leading to earlier detection
  • Great time to build community’s trust in their fire department