Team Camaraderie

There’s nothing like coming together and walking in the fresh air to support and promote lung health. Behind a creative name and collective positive energy, any group can make their LUNG FORCE Walk a one-of-a-kind experience.

First, you will need to appoint a team captain who will be in charge of organizing the group to maximize fundraising. For ideas and tips on motivating your team, please contact Elizabeth Reischl.

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National Corporate Teams

National Corporate teams are a great way to bring company employees together in support of a common cause. Additionally, the American Lung Association events are a great opportunity to provide a meaningful corporate social responsibility activity as participants collectively raise donations on behalf of your National Corporate team. Once created, you can back multiple teams across the nation for one or more American Lung Association events and receive special incentives for your enhanced commitment.

Contact Rachel Daigler for more information on National Corporate Teams.