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Come ride one of our three (3) courses:

70 Mile Double Loop

Join us for a 70-mile double loop bike ride that will take you through the River Mountain Bike Tail both clockwise AND counter clockwise. The beautiful scenery has stunning views of the surrounding mountains as well as the sparkling waters of Lake Mead. With 3,400 ft of elevation gain, this ride is perfect for intermediate and advanced cyclists seeking a challenge.

The route is on bike trails, providing a smooth and safe ride, while rest stops, and hydration stations are strategically placed along the way to ensure you're fueled and hydrated for the journey.

So, gear up and take on this exhilarating ride, where breathtaking views and a sense of accomplishment await you at the finish line!

35 Mile Single Loop

Join us for a thrilling 35-mile single loop bike ride through the River Mountain Bike Trail that offers stunning views of Lake Mead, a beautiful reservoir nestled in the heart of the Mojave Desert.

The ride is fully supported, with rest stops and hydration stations conveniently placed along the route to ensure you're energized and ready to tackle the journey. Although the ride has an elevation gain of 3,000 ft, much of the route is on scenic bike trails, providing a smooth and enjoyable experience for cyclists of all levels.

So, saddle up and take in the breathtaking views on this unforgettable adventure!

12-Mile Family Loop

Join us for a leisurely 12-mile family fun bike ride on picturesque bike trails. While the ride does have some rolling hills, it's perfect for families and cyclists of all levels, as the pace is relaxed, and the beautiful scenery is sure to make the journey enjoyable.

This supported ride is the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with your loved ones while enjoying the great outdoors.

All routes start and finish in the same location so you and your friends, family or team members can celebrate completion together.


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