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Event Schedule


DAY 1 Thursday, May 16


9:30 AM: Registration, Breakfast, Pre-Test, and Introductions

10:15 AM: Welcome and Introduction to the Burden of Asthma

10:45 AM: Asthma Overview

11:30 AM: Assessment, Diagnosis, and Monitoring Asthma

1:00 PM: Lunch (provided)

1:30 PM: Asthma Action Plan: Management Plan Development

3:00 PM: Break

3:15 PM: Factors Contributing to Asthma Exacerbations

4:15: Barriers to Adherence and Compliance: Behavioral, Cultural, and Other Challenges

5:00 PM: Adjourn


DAY 2 Friday, May 17


9:30 AM: Sign-In, Breakfast, and Icebreaker

10:00 AM: Exam Preparation

10:30 AM: Spirometry

12:00 PM: Asthma Management Pharmacological Therapy

1:30 PM: Lunch (provided)

2:00 PM: Education Principles for a Partnership in Asthma Care

2:45 PM: Asthma Medicine Devices and Demonstration

4:00 PM: Break

4:15 PM: Your Role as an Asthma Educator: Professional Issues/Practices

4:45 PM: Post-Test, Evaluation, and Wrap-Up

5:00 PM: Adjourn