November 8 - December 20, 2020


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    Goal: $50,000.00

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We're taking the Fight For Air Climb outdoors so we can come together safely and enjoy the day.

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Every Step Counts

Outdoors, onward and upward.

COVID-19. Lung disease. Air pollution. These things aren't going away. That's why we're taking the stairs. We climb for people fighting for breath across the country and in our community. We’re working to make an impact now and to ensure a healthier future for our kids and grandkids.

Whether you're new to climbing, have reached the top before, or you're a firefighter climbing in full gear, this climbing adventure is for you.

How you climb is up to you. The Fight For Air Climb is a climb up the stairs in your house or outside. It’s a run up a hill or a jog through the park. It’s jumping rope or jumping jacks.

In this virtual world, the Fight For Air Climb is what you make it, and we are working together to support people who are fighting for every breath.

Because of COVID-19, we’re being safe by staying home, but that doesn’t mean we’re slowing down. If anything, your participation is urgent and more important than ever. No matter how you choose to climb, we'll help you every step of the way! Climb for the shared challenge. Climb for the camaraderie. Climb for a world free of COVID-19 and lung disease.

Join the Fight For Air Climb Nashville for the challenge and for a world free of COVID-19 and lung disease.

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Thank you to all our fundraisers!

Top Participants

    1. Milestone Personal Gift Sandy Bowles - $12,650.00
    2. Milestone Personal Gift Matt Miller - $2,505.00
    3. Milestone Personal Gift Cary Ralph - $2,119.00
    4. Milestone Personal Gift Aaron Hawkins - $1,745.00
    5. Milestone Personal Gift Gary Broughton - $962.00
    6. Milestone Personal Gift Matt Radford - $495.00
    7. Milestone Personal Gift Julie Hartwell - $430.00
    8. Milestone Personal Gift Courtney Leggett - $350.00
    9. Milestone Joey Lattimore - $325.00
    10. Milestone Personal Gift Danielle Breezy - $250.00

    Top Teams

      1. F4L - $13,250.00
      2. Messer Construction - $5,693.00
      3. HRC - $2,645.00
      4. Williamson Medical Center & WMG Pulmonary - $2,502.00
      5. We Climbin' - $883.00
      6. Team StorPlace - $808.56
      7. News 2 Climbers - $250.00
      8. Tigers of TSU - $225.00
      9. ILD SUCKS - $199.00
      10. Asthma Sucks - $100.00

      Why We Need You in the Fight

      In March, the American Lung Association launched a $25 million initiative to end COVID-19 and defend against future respiratory virus pandemics. At the same time, we're continuing our advocacy work to support clean air and redoubling our long-term commitments to lifesaving research.

      Over the last 11 years, the Climbers have raised more than $60 million to support the mission of the American Lung Association. Last year, more than 26,000 participants from 43 Climb events across the country came together last year to raise more than $7 million.

      Join us. Because Every Step Counts and every step makes a difference.


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