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What is Fight for Air Climb?

Boise Family Climbing StairsFight for Air Climb is one of the American Lung Association's signature fundraising events. The Climbs are held across the country, giving participants the opportunity to join together with friends, family and co-workers to make a difference for those with lung disease! Your participation will raise the funds necessary to provide life-saving education, research and advocacy in your community so we can beat lung disease and soon find a cure.

How do I sign up?

You can register online by choosing the Register option above and specifying your participation type (Team Captain, Team Member, Individual Climber, First Responder or Volunteer).

I want to volunteer, what are my options?

Our volunteer opportunities are appropriate for ages 16+ or youth accompanied by an adult. Because of the nature of our mission, all volunteers are expected to be non-smoking exemplars while representing the American Lung Association. Lean more >>

I am a First Responder, may I wear all of my gear when climbing?

Gear used in climbing can very depending on what type of First Responder your are. Learn more >>

How do my donations help?

FFA Climb Signing We Fight For Air SignWith the generous support of people like you, the American Lung Association saves lives by fighting for healthy lungs and healthy air. Today, our fight is more important than ever. 88 cents of every dollar raised by our organization goes directly to education, research and advocacy.

What is a Matching Gift?

Many employers will match donations made by members of their staff. Please check with your Human Resources and/or Finance department to see if they have a matching gift program. Matching gifts can be submitted via email to your local event manager.

What is a Team Captain?

FFA Climber MaleBeing a team captain is easy. Captains gather together friends, family members and co-workers and encourage them to participate in the event together. Each team captain guides their team members from online registration to setting and achieving a fundraising goal. Team Captains should encourage their team members to personalize their fundraising pages with why they climb, send e-mails to other friends, family and co-workers, hit their overall goals, show up to the event and have a great time. Some team captains organize gatherings before or after the climb for their team members, but this is not required. In short, we need help to rally the troops and the best people for the job are always our team captains. Learn more >>

What do I bring with me on the day of the event?

Please bring any fundraising dollars you have collected but have not yet turned in. Most importantly, please bring a positive attitude and lots of energy!

Is there a minimum fundraising requirement?

Yes, there is a minimum fundraising requirement of $100. Climbers have until event day to meet their minimum fundraising requirement of $100 per person. Climbers who have not met their fundraising requirement on event day will need to pay the outstanding amount in order to participate in the climb.

Does my registration fee go towards the $100 fundraising minimum for each person?

No, the registration fee and the fundraising minimum are separate.

Where can I send my donations?

FFA Climb Signing Honor SignDonations to the Boise Fight for Air Climb benefit education and advocacy work right here in Idaho. While donations are used for Idaho programs and services, we ask you to please send your donations to our regional gift processing office at:

American Lung Association
ATTN: Fight For Air Climb - Boise
822 John St
Seattle, WA 98109

Please download and fill out either of the donation forms below and send with your donation(s).

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