Why We Ride

We ride for our friends and loved ones who suffer from lung cancer and all lung diseases. Let's make sure everyone can benefit from healthy lungs.

Ann Morrow

My name is Ann Morrow, and this is why I make Every Mile Count

The human body is a pretty amazing life form. But sometimes things don’t work quite right. Disease, genetics, injuries and sometimes the unknown prevent organs such as our lungs from working properly. Now we have a new threat to lungs and other organs: novel coronavirus. The American Lung Association researches and combats these threats to our lung health. The more they can research, the more likely they will find solutions or remedies. I don’t have a personal connection to lung disease but I ride for the overall wellness of everyone. As a cyclist I appreciate clean air. I need the American Lung Association as my advocate for lung health.

Joseph Ammons

My name is Joseph Ammons, and this is why I make Every Mile Count

I’ve been directly impacted by this scourge that is lung cancer. My father developed it when he was around my current age (early fifties) and passed when I was still a teenager. So you’ll understand why I will be forever motivated to support the cause and ensure the cure!

I cycle for my own health - yes, physical and mental, but now in these pandemic times social health as well... making this event a THREE-FOR-ONE health-improvement bonanza.

Brady Berry

My name is Brady Berry, and this is why I make Every Mile Count

I ride because I can! and there are far too many others that are not as fortunate and cannot. My lifelong friend, Brian Reynolds, got me back into cycling and by default fund raising when he began his struggles with cancer. He continued to ride and raise funds for the American Lung Association each year even as lung cancer slowly attacked his strong body. He eventually lost his battle with the disease, but never his spirit and that is what keeps me riding for the ALA. In addition to Brian, I have known four other families that have lost a member to lung cancer, all of them women and none of them smokers! This is not acceptable and those of us with good health have the obligation to do what we can to help an organization whose mission is to support people with lung issues. Because we can, we should, and since we are doing it why not raise some money for a fine organization in the process?

I hope everyone stays healthy and can find a strong tailwind!

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