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When you sign up for Laura Dern’s LUNG FORCE Walk team, you take an important step to raise funds for lung cancer education, advocacy and research. You can choose your distance, and day and join a FORCE committed to defeating lung cancer.

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Walking Together to Defeat Lung Cancer

Sign-up today to support lung cancer education, advocacy and research, by joining Laura Dern, Academy Award-winning actress and Advisor to the American Lung Association Board of Directors.

She'll be kicking off the 2021 Nationwide LUNG FORCE Walk and Run/Walk season and hosting a team of her own.

LUNG FORCE unites women and their loved ones across the country to stand together against lung cancer and for lung health. Be a part of the FORCE to raise awareness and the funds needed to defeat this disease.

Register today and become part of the LUNG FORCE family!

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Joining Laura's Team

Register today to make your plans to join Laura Dern and walk for lung health. It's Your Walk, Your Way so you choose your distance, your day.

All participants who raise $100 will receive a signature LUNG FORCE t-shirt, and anyone who raises $150 or more qualifies for additional incentives. The top 20 Nationwide fundraisers will have the chance to meet Laura Dern at a virtual reception!


Thank you to all our fundraisers!

Top Laura Dern Team Participants

    1. Raised $1000 Personal Gift Robyn Riter - $2,020.00
    2. Raised $1000 Personal Gift Esther Strom - $1,363.00
    3. Raised $500 Personal Gift Melody Brammer - $848.00
    4. Raised $500 Personal Gift Alicia Brittain - $615.00
    5. Raised $500 Jena Moschella - $605.00
    6. Raised $500 Personal Gift John Hayek - $500.00
    7. Raised $250 Personal Gift Alexandra DeBourcy - $385.00
    8. Raised $250 Personal Gift Elena Ellen Patterson - $350.00
    9. Raised $250 Personal Gift Felicia Ezell-Goodner - $295.00
    10. Raised $250 Personal Gift Robert McConlogue - $250.00

    National LUNG FORCE Leaderboard

    1. Cristina Kalesse$22,963.78
    2. Randy Persson$20,000.00
    3. Jannifer Harper$15,756.50
    4. Megan Green$12,324.56
    5. Elaine Carew$10,408.00
    6. Maxwell Bieber$10,016.00
    7. Amy Converse$9,238.41
    8. Shannon Skelly$7,200.00
    9. Maureen Welborn$6,726.00
    10. Le Ann Frost$6,552.00
    11. Dede Schaffner$5,805.00
    12. Matthew Anderton$5,214.65
    13. Dona Wininsky$5,050.00
    14. David Sanderson$5,000.00
    15. Emily Yehezkel$4,750.00
    16. Jon Rosen$4,043.00
    17. Eddie Fisher$3,783.00
    18. Carol Downs$3,770.00
    19. Jay Tiedemann$3,731.00
    20. Barry Brinson$3,548.00

    Please note: this national leaderboard is updated weekly on Mondays at noon ET.

    Why We Need You With Us

    Every two minutes and 14 seconds someone in the U.S. is diagnosed with lung cancer, and 4 in 5 of those diagnosed will ultimately die from the disease. Yet, more Americans than ever are surviving lung cancer. While the disease remains the leading cause of cancer deaths among both women and men, over the past five years, the survival rate has increased by a dramatic 13% to 22.6%. Your support will help us continue the progress in our efforts to defeat lung cancer.

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