Our Nation Needs More COVID Relief

The United States is experiencing thousands of new COVID-19 cases every day, and, tragically, we are rapidly approaching half a million individuals having lost their lives thus far. Congress needs to hear from you that relief and recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic must be a top priority.

In December 2020, Congress took steps to help the nation’s lungs and livelihoods. They passed a bill that includes money for COVID vaccine distribution plus some additional measures to keep our lungs healthy now and into the future, including putting an end to surprise medical bills; making e-cigarettes a nonmailable product to cut down on youth sales; investing more in EPA and CDC; and spurring research and investments in renewable energy technology.

But there’s much more to do to ensure an end to this pandemic and a road to recovery. The nation needs Congress to pass additional COVID relief and recovery measures, including:

  • Provisions to ensure that everyone has coverage of COVID-19 testing, treatment, and vaccination at no cost;
  • Additional investment in public health efforts to address the pandemic and distribute vaccines;
  • Increased access to quality and affordable healthcare for all
  • Increased financial assistance to state Medicaid programs;
  • Relief for midsized non-profits; and,
  • Action to reduce air pollution, because growing scientific evidence shows links between prolonged air pollution exposure and increased risk of COVID complications.

Please join us and call on your members of Congress today.


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