Why We Climb

We climb for our friends and loved ones who suffer from lung cancer and all lung diseases. Let's make sure everyone can benefit from healthy lungs.

Why I Climb - Jeanette

My name is Jeanette, and this is why I Climb

Lt. Jeanette Harrington from Miami-Dade Fire Rescue raised over $10,000 individually for the first time in 2023. Every year Jeanette climbs in honor of someone who has lost their life to lung disease. She proudly wears their name as she climbs and she fundraises in their memory. In 2023, she climbed for Beatrice Avery who passed away in 1994 from emphysema. Jeanette is an inspiration as a climber, fundraiser, firefighter and all-around wonderful human being. Not only is Jeanette the #1 fundraiser for Climb Miami, but she is the #1 fundraising firefighter in the entire country! 2024 will mark Jeanette’s 9th year participating in the Fight for Air Climb in Miami. In her eight years participating, she has individually raised over $50,000.

Why We Climb - Team Nikki

We are Team Nikki, and this is why we Climb

Ten years have passed since my sister and best friend, Nikki, passed away from metastasized lung cancer. She was diagnosed with Carcinosarcoma, a lung cancer so rare they didn’t even have a team for this type of cancer at her hospital. She was only 38, full of life, at the top of her career, with too many friends to count. After chemotherapy, surgeries, radiation and indescribable pain, Nikki’s earthly journey came to an end after only seven short months. I never imagined a life without my sister by my side, yet here I am, ten years later. It’s something I struggle to comprehend to this day.

Once I learned that lung Cancer is the #1 cancer killer in the US, I knew I had to spread the word and raise awareness about this horrible disease. Alongside close friends and family, I created TEAM NIKKI so we could share my little sister’s story and help raise funds for a cure. 2023 was our 10th year participating in the Fight For Air Climb and TEAM NIKKI raised $34,085.68. Since creating Nikki’s legacy team, we’ve raised a collective total of over $200,000 for the American Lung Association! The amount of pride I feel for this accomplishment is indescribable and now I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Nikki didn’t die in vain.

Nikki was such a unique soul and because of her journey, I can do so many things I never thought I could. I’ve stepped outside of my comfort zone, both physically and mentally. I feel as though I was given some of her strength. I chose to take my heartbreak and channel it for good. It hasn’t always been easy, and I still have days of “why me, why her?”, but finding a meaningful cause, and getting to celebrate Nikki’s life with friends and family at each Climb, has helped ease the pain.