In the group clinic, you will meet with a small group of people so you get personalized attention. And because no two smokers are alike, the program helps you create your own individualized quit plan. Having the support of others is important while quitting smoking. The other people in the program know exactly what you are going these and provide support when you need it most.

Freedom from Smoking is taught by an American Lung Association-trained facilitator.

Over the course of the clinic program you will learn about:

  • Why you smoke and what motivates you to want to quit
  • Medicines that can help you stop smoking
  • Lifestyle changes that make quitting easier
  • Preparing for Quit Day
  • Coping strategies
  • Managing stress
  • Avoiding weight gain
  • Developing a new self-image
  • How to stay smoke-free for good

You will also get a participant workbook and recorded relaxation exercises to take home.

Registration is required to attend. Space is limited. Please contact the clinic facilitator to reserve your seat at the clinic.

Julia Mariano