Fundraising Incentives

Team Fundraising Clubs

When your team works toward a collective goal of raising $1,000 or more, they are helping to accelerate fundraising that supports the urgency of our mission against lung disease and for lung health! The efforts of each team member come together for a greater goal! For example, if a team of 10 members raise $100 each, together your team will raise $1,000 and join a prestigious club of top fundraising teams. Teams in a club receive exclusive perks and recognition.

Mission Possible Teams

In honor of our efforts to double research efforts by 2025, we will be giving special recognition to teams that raise over $2,500 AND have over 25 team members.

These teams will have their Team name on the back of the official event t-shirts!

*Please note, the deadline to be recognized as a Mission Possible Team is Monday, August 29, 2023.

Individual Fundraising Clubs

Participants who raise $500 or more to help save lives by improving lung health and preventing lung disease will join an elite club of top fundraisers. Becoming a top fundraising individual is easy! For example, if 20 friends donate $25 to your personal efforts, you will raise $500 and become a VIP! Check out the exclusive benefits our individual fundraising club members receive.

Individual National Incentives

As a thank you for your support, all participants who raise $100 will receive a commemorative LUNG FORCE t-shirt. But we also want to recognize those participants who go above and beyond. Anyone who raises $150 or more qualifies for additional LUNG FORCE Walk incentives. If you prefer to forgo your incentive to ensure all of your donations go to support research, education and advocacy efforts, you can decline your gift post-event.

Self-Donation: All individuals who make a self-donation of $35 or more will receive a reusable, eco-friendly drawstring bag.