Why We Walk

We walk for people. For patients and their loved ones. For colleagues and neighbors. For everyone affected by lung disease. We walk because together we can defeat lung cancer and lung disease one step at a time.

What is a LUNG FORCE Hero?

LUNG FORCE Heroes are patients, caregivers, family, friends and co-workers of those who are impacted by lung cancer. Our Heroes share their powerful journeys — stories which help raise awareness and the research funding needed to defeat lung cancer for once and for all. Heroes may also be asked to speak at a LUNG FORCE Walk Kick-off event, LUNG FORCE Advocacy Day, Corporate Recruitment event and/or on Walk day.

If you're interested in becoming a LUNG FORCE Hero, please contact Erica Masin for more information. We also invite you to Share Your Voice and read about other Heroes' experiences too. Everyone's story is unique, and we appreciate you getting involved and becoming a LUNG FORCE Hero!

Meet some of our LUNG FORCE Heroes

Renee Heinze

In Honor of Renee Heinze

I walk in honor of my beloved sister-in-law, Renee Heinze. Our family matriarch, Renee died of lung cancer in June 2022; 10 days after her birthday and 14 years after an initial diagnosis of lung cancer. First diagnosed in 2008, Renee had surgery to remove both a tumor and a portion of her lung. She was declared cancer free, with no need for further treatment.

Fast forward 14 years. Despite suffering from respiratory issues of COPD and emphysema, we were stunned to learn Renee’s lung cancer had returned and metastasized into small cell lung cancer. Diagnosed in March, Renee died a short three months later on June 24, 2022.

In retrospect, I realize how precious those 14 years were to all of us who knew and loved Renee. I do believe we were afforded these years, at least in part, as a result of advances made in lung cancer research and treatment. Advances made possible through fundraisers like the LUNG FORCE Walk... This is why I walk.

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