Day of Event Details

Event Day Schedule

Stay tuned for more information on the 2023 Climb Detroit schedule of events which is anticipated to run from 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Please note each type of event participation registration will be scheduled in a different flight group on Climb Day. First Responder and Firefighters events will be kicking off the event again this season and it is anticipated that Elite Climber and Climber flight times will begin in the late morning or early afternoon. Final event details and stair counts will be updated this Winter, including additional details on the event day schedule and endurance options.

Climber Etiquette

To ensure the safety of all climbers, please be courteous while climbing. If you need to pass, please make sure to pass on the other side of the handrails.

Water Stations

Water stations will be located along the route, including the start and finish line areas. Climbers will be permitted to carry a plastic water bottle while on the route. While outside food and beverage is not permitted, guests may bring one factory-sealed, clear plastic bottle of unflavored water per person. Climbers are welcome to learn more about Comerica Park’s policies.

Safety Procedures

Trained medical personnel will be located throughout the venue in case you need assistance. Volunteers will also be available at the water stations.


Climbers must be at least 7 years old to participate. Any climber under the age of 18 must climb with an adult (age 18 years or older) and must not be left alone under any circumstances. For adults who climb at a faster pace, please note that your child may not be left unattended while you climb, so make arrangements accordingly. Due to venue regulations and to ensure your safety and that of your child, child-toting is not allowed.


The Fight For Air Climb is all about the challenge. Climbers and teams challenge themselves to complete the climb, raise money, beat the clock, and be the best. While raising money to fight lung disease is our top priority, we know all our climbers and teams work hard to meet whatever challenge they set for themselves. Stay tuned to learn more about 2023 Firefighter Challenge, Age Group, and Fundraising Awards.


Friends and family are welcome to join Climbers on Event Day! Guests will have a great view of Comerica Park and can join in the celebration on the Pepsi Porch. More information and directions for spectator tickets will be shared this Spring. 

Route Map

Stay Tuned! Additional details on stair count and the route for each participant type will be shared this Winter.