Why We Ride

We ride for our friends and loved ones who suffer from lung cancer and all lung diseases. Let's make sure everyone can benefit from healthy lungs.

Jea Manuel

My name is Jemanuel Concepcion, and this is Why I Ride

I was diagnosed with asthma at a young age, growing up as a kid using an inhaler was not fun. I ended up one time at the hospital from having an asthma attack. I spent a few days at the hospital and I will never forget the small memories I had of those few days. It was my first time seeing my mother scared and I was confused, because she was always a very strong woman and never showed fear, but it wasn't until this moment I knew in her eyes that it got to her. I hated seeing my mother like this and at times I would wish my asthma would just go away forever. It would frustrate me so much that I would not use my inhaler even though there were times when I really needed to. She got me involved into sports as I grew older where I played baseball and even though there isn't much cardio in it, it will still get me worked up from the constant fast movements but I fought through it. A few years later she enrolled me into track and field where I learned more on how to push myself just so that I can try to keep up with the older kids. At that time, I did not have to rely on my inhaler anymore.

A few years later my mother gifted me a mountain bike for one of my birthdays when I was a teenager. I loved it, I would use it to go all over even if it was just to go down a block to get food from a restaurant. I eventually stopped riding when I became 18 back in (2011). But then in September (2020) I wanted a new challenge in life, so I purchased my first road bike, but didn’t do much riding till this summer (2021), where I grew love for cycling once again.

I found out about the Reach the Beach event through Facebook and thought to myself “this looks fun”. Although I was a bit nervous, since I haven’t had much training and my longest ride so far was only 50 miles in which I had caught a cramp on mile 46, but I was ready to challenge myself. Reason being is because I like to show people that anything is possible if you put your mind to it, and that it’s never too late to get into a new hobby or lifestyle. Besides, an active lifestyle keeps one’s body and mind healthy and helps reduces risks of diseases. I try to lead by example for my family and friends, but mainly for my mother (Victoria) and two younger sisters (Catalina and Deanna). Deanna my youngest sister was also diagnosed with asthma as a kid, she has come a long way since then and is always pushing herself little by little. I had put their names in a heart on my cycling shirt, so when the ride got rough, I looked down at their names and continued to push through. I can’t wait to do it all over again next year. Hopefully a few of my friends and family can read this and pick up a bicycle to join me to support the American Lung Association and also to spread awareness. So, if you got to read all of this so far, I hope it gives you some motivation to go out and get a bicycle or even just to be active, trust me you won’t regret it. This is my story, now go out and tell the world yours.

I want to give a shout out to all the volunteers for being so helpful, friendly, and positive during the rest stops. It made the few minutes I was there to refuel very enjoyable. And a huge special shout out to Stephanie Roloff for assisting me with my last minute out the blue registration entry, thank you you’re the best.

Mary B

My name is Mary Beth, and this is Why I Ride

I ride in honor of my late stepfather, Mike, who passed away much too soon after succumbing to Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis. He was a kind, loving and adventurous man who loved the great outdoors and the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. He enjoyed cycling and was particularly fond of the coast.

I first learned about Reach the Beach five years ago, when a friend posted their fundraiser on Facebook. It was only two weeks before the event was to take place, so I was in no way prepared to ride 100 miles. I made a donation, telling my friend of my desire to ride in my stepfathers honor. He said he would ride it for him that year, and I could do it the next year. And so, began my training. In May of 2017, I, along with my two sons and my sister-in-law, each rode our first 100+ mile Reach the Beach ride in his honor. It has given purpose and meaning to my love of cycling to raise awareness and funds for this great cause.

Though the ride was a bit different this year, it was still a great adventure to be had! I look forward to riding my 5th RTB, together, in 2021!

Debi B

My name is Debi, and this is Why I Ride.

My story started in 1999 when my father died of lung cancer. A friend had participated in Trek Tri Island for several years, she asked me to train and do the ride. 22 years later I’m still at it, now with Reach the Beach WA! Wonderful gift of motivation from my father.





My name is Kevin, and this is Why I Ride.

For the tenth consecutive year (for both Reach the Beach OR & Reach the Beach WA), I am cycling 100 miles to support the American Lung Association. I ride because I love the challenge. I ride because I love feeling invigorated and healthy. I ride for ME...

Like many of us, my life has been touched by lung disease. Having asthma throughout my childhood, I not-so-fondly remember sleepless nights being consoled by my parents, Allen and Phyllis, while I coughed, and coughed, and coughed.

  I have fond memories of attending asthma camp (yah, that was a thing) as a kid and learning how to manage the physical, psychological, and social effects of the disease. But I also remember the first time that our son, Isaac coughed, and coughed, and coughed as a baby. From that sound I knew I had 'generously' gifted him my lungs. I ride for ISAAC...

  Seven years ago my Father in Law passed away from untreatable lung cancer. I ride for PAT PATTERSON and for those who loved him...

  Today, in the time of COVID-19, we need to support this work more than ever.

  I dream of the day when lung disease is a thing of the past. And when we have achieved this dream I will still ride!

  This year I am so happy to be riding together with TEAM LEFOHN with my Dad Allen, who has spent his entire career in environmental air quality research, my brother Aaron, and my son Isaac.

  Ride On!

Mark Brashem

My Name is Mark and this is Why I Ride.

For 2020 I am riding in Reach the Beach Washington to raise funds to eliminate COVID-19. This disease is a killer. So far more than 163,000 people have died in America because of this pandemic. It is truly tragic. As a country we need to fight this disease with the tools we have including FACE MASKS and HAND WASHING. Most importantly, as a country we need to develop a vaccine to prevent COVID-19 from killing any more citizens.  The sooner we can eliminate COVID-19 the better.

It is really sad to see people dying every day from COVID-19, especially when we, as the financially strongest country in the world aren’t able to consolidate our resources to get together and develop a vaccine to eliminate this virus.  WE need to raise funds to defend ourselves from this virus.


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