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Day Of Event Details

In addition to lectures from local and national experts, the virtual Chest Disease Conference will feature a variety of interactive activities. Here are two activities that we have planned:

El Toro - Case Presentation Activity

Registered attendees are encouraged to submit cases for this activity. Please submit your case as short PowerPoint presentation slides with anonymized images, brief history, labs, etc. to Tiffany Belser at Deadline is Feb 10, 2022. The slides will be collected and organized by the presenter Dr. Ryan Clay and team.

X-ray Quiz

Prior to the virtual Chest Disease Conference, registered attendees will receive a PDF of images and a link to complete an X-ray quiz with a specific deadline. During the conference, Drs. Anu Brixey, Segolene Weller, Rob Bodor and Steven Primack will review the answers to each of the questions. The top three top winners will be announced during the presentation.