Day of Event Details

Event Day Schedule

Please review the Day of Event Guide here and the below day of event details in preparation for this year's Climb.


Spectators are welcome! Invite friends and family to cheer you on from the seats of Soldier Field. Spectators will have a view of the entire route from the designated Spectator Area. Celebrate your climb at the Afterparty at Kroll’s South Loop. All are welcome to attend. 20% for climbers and spectators and 1 free beer (21+) for all climbers.

Climb Afterparty

Celebrate after you climb at Kroll’s South Loop located at 1736 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60616 a 15-minute walk from the stadium! All climbers and spectators are welcome to join and receive 20% off at Kroll’s South Loop. 1 complimentary beer (21+) for climbers that show proof of beer ticket from registration packet. Reservations and walk-ins are welcome!

Safety Procedures

Trained medical personnel will be located throughout the event in case you need assistance. Volunteers (orange shirt) and ALA Staff (green shirt) will also be available at the water stations if you need help.


Climbers must be at least 5 years old to participate. Any climber under the age of 18 must climb with an adult (age 18 years or older) and must not be left alone under any circumstances. For adults who climb at a faster pace, please note that your child may not be left unattended while you climb, so make arrangements accordingly. Due to stadium regulations and to ensure your safety and that of your child, child-toting is not allowed. No climber will be allowed to carry a child while they climb.


We appreciate the hard work and dedication of every climber and team who has raised money to fight lung disease. Participants and teams who have gone above and beyond will be recognized. Awards will be announced 30 days after event day when fundraising closes. Here are the awards we offer overall:

  • Top 3 First Responder Fundraising Teams
  • Top 3 Friends & Family Fundraising Teams
  • Top 3 Corporate Fundraising Teams
  • Top 3 Individual Fundraisers

Step Count

Join us as we climb up and down the stairs of Soldier Field. This year’s climb route will be made up of 1,958 steps*. This will include the lower bowl of Soldier Field and the 200/300 level of the North End Zone. Climbers will have the opportunity to climb 1, 2 or 3 times which means each climber could climb up to 5,874 steps!

View the interactive Route Map here (In top right of map, select Satellite map for best view. This map shows you going around Soldier Field once).

NOTE: Step count includes going up and down steps.

Parking and Transportation

Parking is available at Waldron Deck for $25/car. We encourage carpooling with those in your immediate family and/or pods. For more parking information or to reserve your parking (not required), visit the Soldier Field parking website here.

If you’re planning to take public transportation, please see additional options HERE.

Climber Etiquette

To ensure the safety of all climbers, please be courteous while climbing. If you need to pass, please make sure to pass on the left hand side.

Climber’s must follow designated path through the stairs and sections. Walking through the seats is prohibited.

Water Stations

Water stations are located throughout Soldier Field. They will be located at the Start/Finish line and throughout the Climb route.