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Why We Climb

We climb for our friends and loved ones who suffer from lung cancer and all lung diseases. This year we are asking all of our climbers to tell us who they are climbing for and to bring a photo, if possible. We would like to post the photos on a board near the finishing point to honor your loved ones, and so many others. They continue to motivate us to make sure everyone can benefit from healthy lungs.

Why I Climb -Todd

My name is Todd, and this is why I make Every Step Count

Aside from this being a great cause and providing a sense of accomplishment, the true reasons are much more personal. On October 11, 2016, we lost my dad to lung cancer and a very close friend's wife has battled for her life against lung cancer. The two incidents could not be more different. My dad smoked for over 50 years, battled asthma, COPD, etc. our friend never smoked a day in her life, was not subject to second-hand smoke, and an athlete. But, after seeing a doctor for a nagging cough, they discovered she had lung cancer.

Every step in training, and during the event, that I take is a blessing and I hope that the money raised will help others be more educated and aware of the issues they may experience or simply to have better knowledge on how to help themselves and the ones they love. This climb is not a solo event for me.

This is dedicated to my dad Michael Theron Russell.

Climb Your Way

My name is Carol, and this is why I make Every Step Count

I have a very best friend that lost her husband two years ago in January to lung cancer. He fought a hard fight and tried many of the new options that were available to him. He lived two years longer than the doctor had originally suggested. They always gave credit to research and new options. I want to have that available to all my friends and family if it should ever occur. Secondly, my husband has asthma, it is so hard to watch him when he has a problem with breathing. Thank goodness for CPAP machines and other medications.

Climb Your Way

My name is Monica, and this is why I make Every Step Count

My good friend, Louise, was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. We were training for Cycle Oregon, a week-long bike ride, and she developed leg pain. An MRI revealed she had bone cancer. As the tests continued, the diagnosis was stage IV lung cancer. It was devastating. She didn't have any trouble breathing and it didn't make sense to me. While scouring the internet for information, I came across the Fight For Air Climb. I thought it was the perfect way to show support.

The American Lung Association does so many amazing things that impact so many people. I would have to say the money raised to support research for lung cancer treatments is most important to me. I have seen firsthand how the advancements in targeted drug therapy have positively impacted my friend Louise.

Climb Your Way

My name is Rebecca, and this is why I make every step count

Despite the typical 1960’s childhood of diving under Livingroom second-hand smoke plumes to get a good angle on the TV, I have spent all of adulthood living a healthy smoke-free lifestyle. In the spring of 2007, I found myself seeking medical attention after losing feeling in one side of my face. After running some tests, the doctors determined that it was simply a pinched nerve. Six months later, I was contacted by that same hospital expressing concern about something they saw on my lungs when they had taken x-rays during my visit. The follow up scans revealed stage 3B lung cancer. Within a couple of days, I underwent extensive surgery to remove my entire left lung and additional suspicious tissue, followed by weeks of chemotherapy. As you can imagine, breathing with one lung after a life with two proved to be difficult, forcing me to relearn how to do simple tasks: talk and breath, walk and breath, and eat and breath. Since then, I have fought to expand the capacity of my one lung to that of two lungs. I now participate in 5k runs, sing . . . where no one can hear me… and do stair climbs in tall building for the American Lung Association!

This year, on June 26th I will be celebrating to simply finish climbing the 40-floors of the big pink building, and I hope you will consider joining me in this worthwhile activity there is always room for one more team member! If you are unable, please donate!