Day of Event Details


  • 8:00am Century Riders
  • 9:00am 60-Mile Riders
  • 10:00am 26-Mile Riders
  • 11:00am 10-Mile Riders

Finish at Talkeetna Alaska Lodge by 6:00 pm
Dinner - Talkeetna Alaska Lodge between 5:00pm and 8:00pm
Mission Program & Finish Party Starts at 8:00 pm
All of the Clean Air Challenge routes start and finish at Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge.

Parking and Driving Directions

Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge
23601 Talkeetna Spur Rd
Talkeetna, AK 99676


  • Head north on the Seward Highway
  • Turn right on 6th Avenue (Interstate A-1 north/Glen Highway)
  • Continue on AK-3 North (George Parks Highway)
  • Follow AK-3 through Wasilla and Willow to Talkeetna Jct, Parks Hwy Milepost 98.7
  • Turn right on Talkeetna Spur Road
  • Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge on your Right at Mile 12.5


  • Head South on the AK-3 S (George Parks Highway)
  • Follow AK-3 through Neenana, Denali National Park, Trapper Creek to Talkeetna Junction, Parks Hwy Milepost 98.7
  • Turn left on Talkeetna Spur Road
  • Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge on your Right at Mile 12.5


Event Directions

Safety Procedures

This may be the most important factor of the whole ride! It is important to dress safely. Wear a helmet and reflective clothing. Reflective vests will be provided to you at check-in, if needed. If you prefer to wear your own vest it must be approved by an ALA staff member prior to departure. An ANSI/Snell or CPSC approved helmet is required. No one can ride if they do not have a helmet. RIDE SINGLE FILE at all times. It is a hazard to yourselves, other participants and vehicles when you ride abreast. There are many volunteers such as SAG drivers and Ride Leaders that have the authority to take someone off the road if they feel they are not riding safely. DO NOT ride with earphones in. This is a hazard to yourself as you will not hear traffic or other participants passing you. And you may not be able to hear important information that may be given by someone on the support team.

Rest Stops

All rest stops will be fully stocked with hot and cold water, snacks, and port-a-potties.


Please note that all riders must be at least 5 years old by event day in order to participate. Children age 5-12 are allowed to participate in the 10-mile and 26-mile options. Riders age 13-17 are allowed to participate up to the 60 mile option. Any rider under the age of 18 must ride with an adult (age 18 years or older), and must not be left alone under any circumstances. For adults who ride at a faster pace, please note that your child may not be left unattended while you ride.