Climb Your Way

It's Your Climb. Your Location. On Your Schedule.

Looking for a different type of challenge?

Climb Your Way is the perfect adventure for climbers not able to participate in person. Choose a personal challenge for you and your team or for a solo Climb, whether that be climbing the stairs in your house, running outside in a nearby park, or hiking your favorite trail. It's jumping rope or jumping jacks. It’s your challenge, your way.

As a Climb Your Way participant, you and your team are an important part of the Fight For Air Climb. No matter when, how or where you participate, you will be active alongside a large community helping those fighting for every breath. Join the Fight For Air Climb for the challenge and for a world free of COVID-19 and lung disease.

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Climb Your Way and create your own personal climb challenge that's right for you.


Tools to help you complete your Climb:

How you complete your Climb Your Way challenge is up to you, but we have some tools and tips to help!

  • Free Climb App: New Activity-Tracking Feature

    The new 2021 version of the free Climb app is here. This year, you can track activity and steps, in addition to fundraising and connecting with friends and family about the Climb. Apple / Android

  • Climb in a Box

    Everything you need to complete the perfect DIY Fight For Air Climb. From a customizable and printable bib number to fundraising and training tips, this Climb Your Way option is your chance to bring to our signature Fight For Air Climb event to your own backyard.

  • Firefighter Challenge

    Just like Climb in a Box, but Firefighter-style! This option includes materials geared toward our thousands of firefighters and first responder climbers across the country, including important information on protecting the lung health of firefighters and tips for bringing the Climb to your entire firehouse.

  • Conquer 21 Challenge

    Tired of COVID-19? Over 2020? Let’s fight for change in 2021! Be a part of the Conquer 21 Challenge by incorporating the number 21 into your activities and exercise routine. By encouraging hope and change in this calendar year, we’re curing lung disease one step at a time.


    Ruck is short for rucksack, so rucking means simply walking, or running, or sauntering or sashaying with weight, usually in a backpack. We have fun Ruck Challenges for you, including Ruck the Stairs, Donut Ruck, and Ruck a Sketch!

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