Why We Ride

We ride for our friends and loved ones who suffer from lung cancer and all lung diseases. Let's make sure everyone can benefit from healthy lungs.


Our names are Luanne Shockley & Cayla Davis, and this is why we Cycle for Air.

Luanne and Cayla My niece Cayla and I lost someone very special to us due to COPD five years ago. Al Loranger was my father and Cayla’s grandfather.

I was working in Hospice when my coworker invited me to do Cycle the Seacoast seven years ago. Even though I hadn’t been on a bike in many years (and didn’t even own one), seeing what my Dad was going through with a lung disease, I wanted to do something to help.

It is now my seventh year participating in the Cycle the Seacoast event. I am very passionate about the American Lung Association’s mission and I do my best to go above and beyond with my fundraising every year to support the cause!

I have come to love cycling and it feels like I connect even more with my dad when I ride the Cycle the Seacoast. It’s therapeutic to participate in my dad’s honor because my father always helped everyone and this is a way of carrying on his legacy. Every year, my family has met me at the finish line to congratulate and support me. In 2020 the event went virtual due to the pandemic and my family still showed up with a fake medal and they even created a rest stop at mile 33!

My niece Cayla is joining me for this year’s virtual event. Cayla was very close to her Pepere growing up and is passionate about the American Lung Association’s work as well. Cayla always showed up at the finish line, but this year she decided to participate with me! Cayla is hoping she will also feel connected to her Pepere while riding the event.

It’s important to continue supporting the Cycle the Seacoast event through the pandemic. I’ve received even more support since the ride has gone virtual. I’m excited for an in-person event next year to experience the comradery once again!


My name is Sheri Nadeau, and this is why I Cycle for Air.

Sheri NadeauI lost a very close friend named Robin to lung cancer (pictured on the right). Robin was a never smoker and a picture of health, but cancer took her at the age of 51. Robin and I started cycling together in our early 20s so we were really close and loved biking together in various parts of Maine. I have her old bike at my home and it’s a nice way to hold on to our memories together.

A coworker of mine was participating in the event and shared the Cycle the Seacoast brochure with me, and I liked the idea that it was supporting lung cancer and lung health. I had done some events in the past supporting general cancer research, but this seemed like a better fit to honor my friend Robin. I decided to sign up in 2020 before the pandemic started.

2021 is my second year participating in Cycle the Seacoast (virtually). The event turned into a virtual event in March of 2020 due to the pandemic and is virtual again in 2021. I’ve never actually done the “real” event, but I feel connected to the cause and people participating virtually!

I raised $900 in 2020 and am hoping to surpass that goal in 2021! I like this event because it is physically noncompetitive, but still gives you a goal to achieve in support of a great cause.


My name is John Kasbohm, and this is why I Cycle for Air.

John KasbohmEveryone in my family smoked growing up. My mother and father both passed away from asthma and COPD. My father worked at a job with bad air quality and developed asthma and then esophagus cancer which led to his death at only 56 years old. My mother had COPD and asthma.

I first heard about the Cycle the Seacoast ten years ago and was intrigued because it was so early in the season (beginning of May) and had an achievable fundraising minimum. I decided to sign up because it supports a cause that is important to me. The first two years I rode the 50 mile route option and thought the 100 milers were a little crazy to be doing that many miles all at once. Now I do the 100 miles every year myself. I even rode across the entire country just last year (so I guess I’m the crazy one).

The 12th annual Cycle the Seacoast will be my tenth year participating in support of the American Lung Association. Every time I complete the Cycle the Seacoast, I dedicate it to a family member that has passed. This year is no different with it being virtual. It’s so important to continue supporting the American Lung Association, especially with the pandemic being a lung disease.

Recently my cousin was diagnosed with Covid-19 and passed away at the age of 63. She had been a smoker her entire life. The American Lung Association is not only helping people quit smoking, but they are also helping communities amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The American Lung Association is helping provide free lung health education regarding COVID-19, advocating for COVID and flu vaccines and investing in respiratory virus research to prevent future outbreaks.

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