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Because Breathing is Living

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Day of Event Information

You’ve trained and raised funds, and now the big month has finally arrived! Don’t miss a moment of the fun.

LUNG FORCE Run/Walks are a great time to meet other people battling lung disease, which is why participants who have a personal connection are encouraged to identify themselves at registration. If you are comfortable, you will be asked to join as a new LUNG FORCE Hero and will have the opportunity to share your story.

Virtual Event Layout

The LUNG FORCE Virtual Run/Walk features weekly interactive challenge videos and a live Zoom celebration featuring prizes for challenge participants, group wellness activities, and LUNG FORCE Heroes and their stories. We invite you to join us as we share our voices and rally our family and friends to help us defeat lung cancer and lung disease one step at a time.

Funds raised will support our goals of providing $25 million to COVID-19 research; $10 million in lung cancer research; $5 million to increase public health promotion including awareness of early detection tools; and advocating for increasing federal funding for lung cancer research to $450 million by 2021.

An email with the weekly challenge will be sent to all registered participants on Saturday May 1, May 8, May 15, and May 22. We will also include this on our South Central, OH Lung Association YouTube page and the Virtual LUNG FORCE Run/Walk South Central OH Facebook Group.


Our LUNG FORCE Heroes are patients, caregivers, family, friends and co-workers of those who are impacted by lung cancer or lung disease. These brave individuals share their powerful real-life stories online and at events to help raise awareness and educate the public about what it’s like to live with lung cancer or lung disease. Everyone's story is unique, so if you're interested in becoming a LUNG FORCE Hero, please contact Brittany Sinzinger. We invite you to Share Your Voice and read about other people's experiences online.

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