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Make Every Mile Count! The Reach the Beach event is a great way to challenge yourself physically while making a positive impact on millions of Americans affected by lung disease.

Whether you are a first-time rider or an experienced athlete, the Reach the Beach is a challenge that everyone can join!

Similar to any athletic activity, you need to train and practice to ride safely. To help get you started, here are some tips:

  • Review a GPS route map for your in-person or Ride Your Way route and plan a few training rides of similar length and elevation gain.
  • Connect with other cyclists and share advice on how to best prepare for Reach the Beach
  • Always know what is happening behind you at all times. You can check over your shoulder several times or simply invest in a bicycle rearview mirror. A small helmet mirror works well after you get used to it.
  • The most beneficial training for the ride is steady aerobic exercise. Ride on gently rolling roads offering 5-10 uninterrupted miles.
  • Train at the aerobic level by riding at a "conversational" speed. When riding, you want to be at a pace that is ok for you talk but more comfortable if you are not talking.
  • Before and after any type of exercise, stretch the muscles you'll be using. Stretching prior to exercise helps to prevent injury.

As always, be sure to consult your physician before beginning any new fitness routine.

For more tips, contact your Cycle For Air event manager.

Climb Your Way

Presented by Ann Morrow of
Portland Bicycling Club (formerly Portland Wheelmen Touring Club)

Congratulations for setting the goal of participating in Reach the Beach for the American Lung Association.

Whether you have set your sights on the in-person ride on May 15 or the Ride Your Way alternative, your cycling friends from Portland Bicyling Club (PBC) will be sharing FREE COVID-19 variety training rides starting in late February and running through the 2nd week of May We want you to have a fun and successful Reach the Beach and that will mean time in the saddle.

As I write this, we are not running club rides, so we plan to post a map of a route each week on our Portland Bicycling Club website. We’ll announce the posting on the Reach the Beach Cycling Facebook page. You can access it by using a link to go to the PBC site, print it and use it when you can for training. We will provide any appropriate insights such as, “lots of rollers” or “bathroom at the midway point” or “shorten the route by turning around at the 15 mile point.” If you have questions you can contact me or I might put you in touch with Dick Weber, the primary ride leader.

If our club starts scheduling rides, we will include these rides on our schedule and you can join us for a bike ride. Please watch for that possibility at

Our objective will be to get you ready for that full century (100 miles) from the Tualatin start. However, we know some of you are striving for shorter distances. Most of the routes we will be sharing have variations for shorter distances. Also, if you want something different than what you see offered, please do not hesitate to ask. PBC has a huge archive of maps and we will do our best to help you find routes to ride that meet your needs.

If you are riding the Ride Your Way option, we can help you find a fun route to use for your “Reach the Beach” ride. For example, if you want to do about 50 miles for your “Ride Your Way” option it can be challenging to figure out a route so it will be safe and fun and interesting. We can help.

Additionally, if you are riding “Your Way,” you might want to make this a family affair. Maybe some shorter distances with the kiddos would enable you get them involved as well. Let us help.

The goal is set. The means to reach that goal is at hand. PBC encourages you to enjoy the journey to your goal. Have fun with the training rides. Let our club do the work: we’ll find routes, we’ll try to steer you to a great bakery or coffee stop and if we know where there’s an open bathroom we’ll make sure you know about it!

Dick Weber and I are looking forward to helping you in this crazy 2021 riding season! We’ll be flexible and help you roll whatever comes along.

Ann Morrow
Portland Bicycling Club

2021 Training Rides from the Portland Bicycling Club
If protocols allow, we will start offering these as in person rides so we can ride with you and share the fun.

The rides below will be shared on the Reach the Beach Facebook page weekly and you will be directed to for more detail and access to maps and cue sheets. Shorter variations will be shared as well. If these do not meet your needs please contact me, Ann Morrow, and let’s try to find a solution. We here at PBC want you to have the best Reach the Beach ever!

PBC REACH THE BEACH TRAINING RIDE. Discovery/Burnt Bridge Creek Trail Vancouver. Distance 30 miles. This interstate ride provides the experience of the Mighty Columbia River headed West to the I-5 Bridge, the Discovery/Burnt Bridge Creek Trail back to the east in Clark County, a delicious bakery stop and then the crossing of the big river again on the Glenn Jackson Bridge to the start location.

PBC REACH THE BEACH TRAINING RIDE. Vancouver and Blue Lake Park. Distance 52 miles. Shorter variation (approx. 28 miles) available. A traditional 2 bridge loop through Vancouver, WA then cross the Glenn Jackson Bridge and opt to cruise out to Blue Lake and back or not!

PBC REACH THE BEACH TRAINING RIDE. Oregon City. 30 & 50 mile options. Leaves from Sellwood Riverfront Park (SE Spokane Street & Oaks Parkway). Loop Around Oregon City and then out Redland Road for some chronic rollers and beautiful scenery including great views of Mt. Hood. Head out to Barton Store, stop for a quick breath before heading up Amisigger Road. After that last climb it’s mostly flat to the finish the ride on Springwater Corridor for the final 18 miles. To shorten the route, turn around at about mile 17 and retrace those tire tracks.

PBC REACH THE BEACH TRAINING RIDE. Washington County Wanderings. Distances 44 and 55 miles. Leaves from Shute Park at 750 SE 8th Avenue, Hillsboro. Picturesque rural roads with some rollers, includes a steep climb. Rest stop in Banks. The scenery will include farms, fields, small towns and nurseries.

PBC REACH THE BEACH TRAINING RIDE. Clark County Cruiser. Distance 60 miles (or fewer). Leaves from Tri-Met Park & Ride, NE 96th & Sandy Blvd. Cross into Washington and explore parts of Vancouver Bicycle Club’s Ride Around Clark County’s route (July 24 Beautiful rural scenery, not to mention a couple of crossings of the mighty Columbia. Cut it short by turning around at any point and retracing the route.

PBC REACH THE BEACH TRAINING RIDE. Sauvie Island. Distance 10 to 77 miles with shorter options as well. Leaves from the parking lot next to the bridge on Sauvie Island. Explore the island itself then head west on Highway 30 as far as desired to get the mileage selected. Eat lunch in quaint Scappoose or St. Helens. A beautiful ride on mostly flat rural roads with some rollers. The scenery will include farms, fields and small communities.

PBC REACH THE BEACH TRAINING RIDE. Crown Point. Distance 52 miles with shorter or longer options as well. Leaves from Wilshire Park at 36th and Skidmore. Head north to the Columbia River and spin along Marine Drive to Troutdale then out to Crown Point. Nice weather might prompt including the 18 miles round trip to Multnomah Falls. The scenery will include rivers, farms, fields, cities, small towns and a beautiful view from Crown Point.

PBC REACH THE BEACH TRAINING RIDE. Wheatland or Salem. Distances 44 miles & 62 miles. Leaves from the Newberg Library at 503 E Hancock Street, Newberg. Use the public parking lot at the corner of East Hancock and Blaine Streets. A beautiful ride on mostly flat rural roads with some rollers. The scenery will include farms, fields, small towns and nurseries. Bring $1 for ferry. Check site for closures:

PBC REACH THE BEACH TRAINING RIDE. Kelly Point, Vancouver and Bridal Veil. Distance 83 miles with multiple shorter variations. Leaves from Wilshire Park at NE 36th and Skidmore. Head west to Kelly Point Park then over the I-5 Bridge into lovely Vancouver, Washington OR just head over to Marine Drive and turn those handlebars to the east through Troutdale, past Women’s Forum to Crown Point and beyond to Multnomah Falls if that’s preferred. Be the bartender on this multi-option route. Approximately 4,100 feet of elevation gain if you do the entire route.

PBC REACH THE BEACH TRAINING RIDE. Triple (3!) Volcano Ride. Distance 27 miles. Leaves from Woodstock Park, SE 47th and Steele, Portland, OR. Instead of distance the focus will be on climbing hills. Yes, there are some climbs on Reach the Beach! Get some pointers, use those Granny Gears and open up that chest for more oxygen as you tackle about 2,100 feet of elevation gain.

PBC REACH THE BEACH TRAINING RIDE. Canby-Molalla River. Distance 75 miles (variations available). Leaves from Eco Park, 1470 NE Territorial Road, Canby, Oregon. (Hwy 99 south from Oregon City, right on NE Territorial Road then right on N Molalla Forest Road). This is a proposed Scenic Area Bike Route using the “Old Logging Road” bike path to cross over 99E on the south side of Canby. From there, the route follows rural roads to Molalla, Feyer Park, Dickie and finally enters the Molalla River Recreational Area and ends at Copper Creek Bridge, just outside of Table Rock Wilderness Area. Food available in Molalla (Las Delicias, 115 Robbins St. a possibility) but bring plenty of supplies as this is a very rural ride. About 2,300 feet of elevation gain.

PBC REACH THE BEACH TRAINING RIDE. Banks/Vernonia/Hagg Lake. Distance 42/45/94/105 miles (many other variations available). Leaves from Banks trailhead of Banks Vernonia Linear Trail. (West on Highway 26 to Banks and the Trailhead for the Linear Trail on the North end of town.) The Banks to Vernonia Linear Trail out and back option is 42 miles. Includes one short steep hill for a Level B rating. Banks to Hagg Lake option is 52 miles (round trip) with an 11 mile option around Hagg Lake. A “B” rating is awarded for around the lake (lots of rollers). All route variations include wonderful rural scenery. Horse etiquette on the Banks Vernonia Trail is to slow for the equestrians and talk to riders (and horses!) asking for their instructions to pass so as not to spook their animal.

REACH THE BEACH! Distances 29/56/73/100. Leaves at 7 a.m. (start open from 6-7:30 a.m.) Tualatin is the new start location for the 100 mile ride. Check for additional details. Registration is required as well as payment of the appropriate fees and fund raising contribution. This is what you’ve been training for so have a wonderful ride and be safe.

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