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Climb Your Way

During the Fight For Air Climb - Portland from now until February 14th, we encourage you to take the stairs, enjoy a hike outdoors, explore a new park, or participate in the physical activity of your choice for your climb. Participate with family, friends and coworkers and use our app to track your progress!

If you are looking for inspiration, we have a few suggestions:

Landmark Climb – select a landmark that you want to climb.
Complete the number of stairs on your own or set up a relay with others!
  • Mount Hood climb the equivalent of Mount Hood with 19,268 stairs
  • Mount Everest scale the equivalent of Mount Everest by completing 49,768 stairs
  • Pearl District to Pittock Mansion enjoy the sights on this 2.8 mile walk through Portland that climbs 291 stairs along the way
Conquer 21 Challenge Climb – let’s fight for change in 2021 by using the number 21 as your challenge inspiration
  • Climb 21 flights of stairs
  • Complete a 21-mile hike
  • Go for 21 walks around your neighborhood
  • Challenge 20 friends + you for 21 total teammates to participate in the climb
Corporate Climb – take on the challenge as a workplace wellness activity
  • Create a group of coworkers who agree to climb the stairs at lunch
  • Start a coworker relay group and collectively climb a landmark
  • Challenge your coworkers to see who can climb the most in a one-month period
  • Encourage your coworkers to get up and move every hour during the work day and help keep each other accountable
Firefighter / First Responder Climb
  • Climb 500 steps in to signify the hazardous air quality index that exceeded 500 during the summer wildfires
Don’t see what you are looking for? Give us a call and we can create a customized climb for you!