Climb Your Way

It's Your Climb. Your Location. On Your Schedule.

Looking for a different type of challenge?

Introducing Climb21 a chance to Climb Your Way and “travel” the world on your terms with the American Lung Association. For the 21 days, (May 23 through June 12), leading up to Climb day, join us as we “climb” the steps of famous landmarks across the globe and in your own backyard,

Using our updated Fight For Air Climb app’s Activity Tracker (available for Apple and Android devices), you can track your steps and raise money to earn great prizes while participating in Climb21, our new and exciting way to “travel” and train around the world. Complete local landmarks, take a road trip across the country or explore the world with beautiful and historic locations. The more funds you raise and steps you take for our mission, the more well-traveled you’ll be. From a Localista to a high-skies Jet-Setter to a worldly Globetrotter, you can climb the same number of steps as iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world (a towering 2,909 steps).

We need you in the fight now more than ever. Come outside for our in-person event, Climb Your Way with Climb21 or participate in both! Join us for the shared challenge, for the camaraderie, and for a world free of all lung disease, including COVID-19.

*You must be a registered climber to use the Climb mobile app.

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Climb Your Way and create your own personal climb challenge that's right for you.

Where are we headed?

Each week of the Climb21 challenge (May 23 through June 12), you’ll receive an Adventure Map with seven locations for each week - a mix of local, national and international landmarks! Pick and choose your favorites from the list (or do them all) and start working your way toward our Climb21 Adventure Clubs.

Here’s a preview of some of the 21 locations you’ll be able to climb…

International Climb Landmark Teaser:

Niesen Railway, Switzerland: 11,674 steps

  • Experience Level: Expert
  • Fun Fact: The Niesen Railway is the longest staircase in the world.

National Climb Landmark Teaser:

One World Trade Center, New York City: 2,226 steps

  • Experience Level: Advanced
  • Fun Fact: In addition to the many green features, the entire site was specially constructed to collect rainwater to help care for the plaza’s greenery, cool the building, and replenish the memorial fountain.

Local Climb Landmark* Teaser:

Philadelphia Art Museum (Rocky Steps): 72 steps

  • Experience Level: Novice
  • Fun Fact: Second most famous filming location in the world. Each year, tens of thousands of people recreate the scene from the legendary movie and make the trek up the steps.

*The American Lung Association does not encourage you to physically visit any of these suggested locations. For the safety of all participants and the community at large, please “climb” the same number of steps virtually, but do not visit them in person.

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Bonus Challenge: Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Climb Buildings

Already accomplished your Localista, Jet-Setter or Globetrotter badge? Looking for another fun challenge? Complete some of the Climbs in our regional Climb buildings listed below.

  1. Omni Hotel; Providence, Rhode Island: 348 steps
    Experience Level: Beginner
  2. First Federal Plaza; Rochester, NY: 400 steps
    Experience Level: Beginner
  3. Main Place Tower; Buffalo, NY: 470 steps
    Experience Level: Beginner
  4. One Gateway Center; Newark, NJ 504 steps
    Experience Level: Beginner
  5. 100 East Pratt Street; Baltimore, MD: 650 steps
    Experience Level: Beginner
  6. JLL Center; Pittsburgh, PA: 665 steps
    Experience Level: Beginner
  7. Hartford 21; Hartford, CT: 689 steps
    Experience Level: Beginner
  8. One Boston Place; Boston, MA: 789 steps
    Experience Level: Beginner
  9. Three Logan Square; Philadelphia, PA: 1,088 steps
    Experience Level: Intermediate
  10. One Penn Plaza; New York City, NY: 1,210 steps
    Experience Level: Intermediate