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Thomas Jefferson University Alumni Hall | Philadelphia, PA

Pennsylvania Health Equity Summit

Welcome to the Pennsylvania Health Equity Summit!
November 1, 2019 | 9:00 - 5:00 PM (ET)

The purpose of the 2019 Health Equity Summit is to catalyze efforts to eliminate health disparities in Pennsylvania by 2030. This audacious goal will only happen when key leaders coalesce around innovative ideas, promising practices, and a shared agenda.

Speakers from a variety of fields will present timely information to increase health equity, and solutions to addressing health inequalities and eliminate health disparities in Pennsylvania. The goal of this conference is:

  • Increase awareness of health inequalities in Pennsylvania
  • Educate participants on innovative approaches to reducing health disparities and addressing health equity
  • Develop action steps to reduce/eliminate health inequalities in underserved, marginalized, oppressed communities by 2030. The following objectives of the conference are:
  • Explore how social determinates of health and equity impact individual and population health.
  • Discover innovative solutions used nationally and in Pennsylvania to reduce health inequalities in both rural and urban settings.
  • Determine and commit to steps organizations, communities and individuals can take to increase health equity and eliminate health disparities.
Pennsylvania Health Equity Summit
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