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2018 Trek Across Maine


More than 50% of cyclists riding in the Trek Across Maine are part of a team!

Teams are as small as 5 members, as large as 150 members and every size in between. Make this event a weekend to remember with your friends, family or co-workers; start a Trek team today!

How Do I Create & Register a Team?

Starting a team is simple! You only need two things to get started:

  • A registered team captain
  • A team name

The team captain will register and create the team under the selected team name. The team will then be listed on this site and will be open for members to join. When a new trekker registers, they will select the "Join a Team" option on the first page of their registration, select their desired team, and complete their registration!

Benefits of Creating a Team:

  • Team Wellness
    Cycling is a low impact cardio exercise that can become a lifelong sport. The Trek requires training which fosters a healthy lifestyle.
  • Team Work
    Team members support each other while fundraising and training together.
  • Team Spirit
    Teams design t-shirts or jerseys, throw parties and create fundraising challenges between members!
  • Team Giving
    Teams are visible in their local communities. They host unique fundraising events and talk to the local businesses; all to rally support for the American Lung Association.

Team Tent City

One of the most exciting benefits to being a part of a Trek team is the potential for joing Team Tent City (TTC) at Colby College on Saturday, June 20. Team Tent City is a focal point for team fun, food and visibilty at the Trek!

Eligibility requirements for TTC:

  • Total of 15 team members registered  OR  $10,000 in total fundraising
  • Only 30 tents available. Tents are earned on a first qualify - first serve basis

Questions about teams or Team Tent City? Contact our Teams Manager at 888-241-6566 X0302.

Team Honor Roll

Teams registered for 2018 Trek Across Maine


Captain: Jacob Whitaker

3 team members  

A Team Has No Name 

Captain: Denise Rees

4 team members  

Arundel Ford 

Captain: Arlene Morse

5 team members  


Captain: Andrew McCabe

143 team members  


Captain: Katharina Burdet

5 team members  

Bacon and Legs 

Captain: Evan Carney

3 team members  

Bath Iron Works 

Captain: Leon Duval

9 team members  

Berman & Simmons 

Captain: Deborah Danforth

9 team members  

Bigelow Brewing Company 

Captain: Pamela Powers

18 team members  

Biking Bakers 

Captain: Bridget Logan

6 team members  

Black Diamond Cycling 

Captain: Diane Hughes

23 team members  

Blazing Saddles 

Captain: Jon Levesque

13 team members  


Captain: Patrick Williams

5 team members  

Carrabassett Cycology 

Captain: Marcia White

6 team members  

Cathy's Crusaders 

Captain: Sarah O'connor-Willmott

3 team members  


Captain: Joshua Plucinski

1 team member  

Chest Medicine Associates 

Captain: Thomas Van Der Kloot

14 team members  

Colby Biker Chicks 

Captain: Carol Hurney

2 team members  

Colby Company 

Captain: Adam Greenlaw

4 team members  

Community Bicycle Center 

Captain: Andrew Burnell

17 team members  

Cooney's Climbers 

Captain: Stephanie Hines

4 team members  


Captain: David Wright

3 team members  

Easy Riders 

Captain: Matthew Tardiff

5 team members  

Emerald Hospitality 

Captain: Brad Bosse

12 team members  

Ernie's Cycle Shop 

Captain: Bruce Wallingford

5 team members  

Feels on Wheels 

Captain: Stephanie Sun

3 team members  

Fiddler's Green Farm 

Captain: Laine Alexander

12 team members  


Captain: Loretta Mattor

17 team members  

Gagne & Son 

Captain: Gilmore Creelman

2 team members  

Gear Hunters 

Captain: Randy Gustin

5 team members  


Captain: John Henson

6 team members  

Gold's Gym Bangor 

Captain: Rachel Brooks

25 team members  

Granite State Wheelmen 

Captain: Bill Kennedy

7 team members  

Green Megs and Ham 

Captain: Kim Welch

3 team members  


Captain: William Muldoon

33 team members  

Hammond Lumber Company 

Captain: Doug Curtis

2 team members  

Harbor Digital 

Captain: Ben Cameron

4 team members  


Captain: Sarah Chesnutt

6 team members  


Captain: Joshua Turner

3 team members  


Captain: Stephen Nutt

17 team members  

Island Rum Riders 

Captain: Melody Hale

6 team members  

Just D.O. ME! 

Captain: Nicole Pasquarello

13 team members  

Kennebunk Savings Bank 

Captain: Bradford Paige

12 team members  

Knights of Columbus 

Captain: Charlie Bedirian

16 team members  

KVCC Chain Lynx 

Captain: Mark Kavanaugh

6 team members  


Captain: Debbi White

26 team members  


Captain: Brent Vanni

95 team members  

Le Legende 

Captain: Newton Dubs

1 team member  

Lightning on Wheels 

Captain: Laura Newsom

15 team members  

Maine Academy of Natural Sciences 

Captain: Grace Hilmer

7 team members  

Maine Blackfly Breeders Association 

Captain: Philip Dowling

9 team members  

Maine Coast Cycling Club 

Captain: Eben Brook

10 team members  

MaineHealth Freewheelers 

Captain: Janice Musacchio

18 team members  

McPhed's Trekkers 

Captain: Greg Durgin

5 team members  

Mel's Trekkers 

Captain: Stephanie McKeen

69 team members  

Mid Coast Parkview Health Team 

Captain: Janet Moore

9 team members  


Captain: Mary Powers

9 team members  


Captain: Barbara Schlichtman

5 team members  

Northern Lights 

Captain: Dennis Haszko

7 team members  

Onpoint Revolution 

Captain: Chad MacLeod

15 team members  

Penobscot Bespoke Riders 

Captain: Francois Amar

8 team members  

Portland Peddlers 

Captain: Matthew Anderson

1 team member  

Portland Velo Club 

Captain: Linda Sheehy

5 team members  

Rollie's/Sidecountry Sport 

Captain: Joanne Pease

15 team members  

Rusty Cranks Cycling Club 

Captain: Dave Hathaway

2 team members  

Sebago Brewing Company 

Captain: Kevin Robichaud

31 team members  

Shameless Indulgence 

Captain: Lisa Melvin

8 team members  

Simply Stroops 

Captain: Els Scholten

4 team members  

Sister Strong 

Captain: Kristen Anderson

2 team members  

Sleep Cycles 

Captain: Stacey Whittington

2 team members  

Slipping Gears Cycling 

Captain: Jason Neal

13 team members  

Slow Riders 

Captain: Katie Maguire

9 team members  

Sterling Rope 

Captain: Carolyn Brodsky

3 team members  

Team 'CLZ 

Captain: Mike Worley

1 team member  

Team ALA 

Captain: Chrystal Toner

1 team member  

Team Fredd 

Captain: Kay Stevens

5 team members  

Team Garmin 

Captain: Charles Noble

10 team members  

Team ShoeFly 

Captain: Richard Schnitzel

13 team members  

Team Slainte 

Captain: Pat McCarthy

4 team members  

Team Terrapin 

Captain: Nathaniel Leach

8 team members  

Team USA 

Captain: John Poirier

26 team members  

Tenji Aquarium Design + Build 

Captain: Edward Seidel

10 team members  

The Cox Kids 

Captain: Jennifer Cox

2 team members  

The Heritage Company 

Captain: Victor Wright

12 team members  

Too Much Torque! 

Captain: Jim Metivier

4 team members  

Trek yo' Self 

Captain: Jeffrey Lacroix

3 team members  

Tyler Technologies 

Captain: Kirk Cameron

1 team member  

Verrill Velocilawyers 

Captain: Jonathan Dunitz

16 team members  


Captain: George Bragdon

2 team members  

Williamson Fine Homes 

Captain: Mary Colcord

5 team members  

Winterstick Snowboards 

Captain: Paul Davis

25 team members  

Young FranknRoy 


1 team member  


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