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2022 Climb For Clean Air

WOC Who Summit

We all know that there's strength in numbers, so we'll climb together fighting lung disease and increasing awareness about the importance of lung health.

We each have our reasons for participating - whether it's a personal fight with lung disease, the struggle or loss of a loved one, or a deep commitment to the cause.

We've each made a big commitment. We'll spend the next few months training to prepare to for our climb and each team member is required to raise at least $5000 in donations. And we know that, with your help, we can do both.


Women of color are the global majority. Then why are we so few and far between a top of mountains? It’s almost 2022 and mountaineering is still a very white and male dominated sport. We have an opportunity to change that while making a difference for the American Lung Association in the Climb for Clean Air fundraising rope team for women of color. Representation greatly matters. We cant be what we don't see - and that includes being on a mountain and being lung healthy!

You can make a donation to any team member by clicking on their name, and you'll be taken to their personal page. Please check back here frequently to see how we're doing, and thanks in advance for your support!

Follow us on Instagram as well for updates: WOC.Who.Summit


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2022 Climb For Clean Air
Mt. Rainer, Mt. Hood, Mt. Baker, Mt. St. Helen's June-August, 2022 12:00 a.m. PT

To support our efforts, and to help save lives, register and donate now.