Run the Rocks 2020 - Morrison, CO

Colorado Respiratory Therapists

Let’s make sure everyone can benefit from healthy lungs
Respiratory Therapists are the front line workers that support lung related illness. We have been the people who care for the asthmatic, the COPD'er, and the cystic fibrosis patients. We are there at the delivery of a high risk infant and we are there caring for your grandparents. Now, with COVID-19, Respiratory Therapists have stepped out of the media shadows and have become noticed by the masses. We have always been here and we will continue to serve our patients to the best of our ability.

You don't have to be a Respiratory Therapist to join our team.  You don't have to run.  You can walk.  Let's just support patients with lung issues and have fun doing it.  Just thin, training makes your lungs healthier. 

I Run the Rocksto represent all those who suffer from lung disease, especially those who are close to my heart. You can support me in my efforts just by donating. Your generosity would mean a lot to me and all those who benefit from the work of the American Lung Association.

Lung disease is on the rise and your donation would help fund research and provide education and advocacy efforts. One breath at a time, you can help me Run the Rocks for a better tomorrow.

To help support my efforts, and to change lives, please click on the Donate button.

Together we can fight lung disease successfully!

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Run the Rocks 2020 - Morrison, CO
Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre October 11, 2020 9:00 AM (MT)

To support our efforts, and to help save lives, register and donate now.