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Harrisburg Pasta Run

In loving Memory of Melissa Bishop
In loving Memory of Melissa Bishop

Team Janise

In memory of our Lung Hero Melissa Julian Bishop 

Melissa Julian Bishop so many lives have been changed and transformed by your loving hands and actions! When you were asked to be the Ceylon Leitzel Leadership Award recepiant, I had no idea how powerful of a warrior you would be. You have done the work to raise awareness about lung disease, but you have also touched so many others that like you are looking for a cure. Life will not be the same without you!  God bless you my dear friend!


 I am here to represent all those who suffer from lung disease, especially those who are close to my heart such as the beautiful lady in my picture, Mrs. Melissa Bishop, her loving husband Larry and beautiful daughter Courtney 

Please support me in my efforts by donating today. Your generosity would mean a lot to me and all those who benefit from the work of the American Lung Association.

Lung disease is on the rise and your donation would help fund research and provide education and advocacy efforts. 

To help support my efforts, and to change lives, please click on the Donate button.

Together we can fight lung disease successfully! Thank you from the bottom of my lungs and our beloved Melissa's too :) 

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