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Join the Force for lung health

LUNG FORCE Walk - Cleveland

Janet's Trio

Why do we walk? We walk because cancer has devastated our family. Lung cancer has taken away people that we love. It has taken our paternal and maternal grandfathers, our mother and indirectly our father. The loss of our mother, Janet Hannum, activated us to try to do what we can so no one else has to feel this kind of pain.

We are walking for you don't have to lose your grandfathers and your parents. We are walking so you don't have to know this pain. We are walking so you can remain ignorant of cancer, cancer treatments, and the devastating it causes to your family, your finances and your own health. Cancer doesn't only affect the person with the diagnosis. When one person in the family has cancer, you all have cancer. We hope that by walking, we can prevent other people from having to understand this.

We are walking for our friends, ourselves and our family members that suffer from lung cancer, COPD and asthma.  Together we are strong and will fight.

We are a force to be reckoned with. Only A Force of Many Can Stand Up To:

the frightening rise of lung cancer in women
the deadly disease that is COPD
the daily challenges that asthma sufferers face
pollution that threatens our lungs and our lives
With your participation and help, our LUNG FORCE Walk will make a difference in lives that desperately need it. Register today, because now is the time to raise our voices against lung cancer—and for lung health.

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Together we will walk to raise awareness and funds to defeat lung cancer and raise our voices for lung health.

That’s why we have decided to participate in the LUNG FORCE Walk. When you join the American Lung Association and LUNG FORCE in the fight against lung cancer and for lung health, you join us in our mission to improve lives—and save lives.

Your participation and donation will help make a difference in the lives that desperately need it. To support our efforts, and to help save lives today, register now.

Together, we are a FORCE to be reckoned with!

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