LUNG FORCE Run/Walk - Cleveland

Tracy's 02 Crew, We've got LUNGevity

Thank you for visiting our LUNG FORCE team page. We formed our team to make a difference in the lives of people impacted by lung cancer and lung disease.

Our captain, Tracy Goldhardt, a picture of healthy habits  Tracy is a non smoker, won’t burn candles and never cleans with chemicals   Heck, she won’t even wear perfume   

In July 2022 Tracy went for a routine cardiac score MRI and was shocked to hear there was a mass in her lung that required biopsy   

August 1, 2022 Tracy woke from anesthesia to learn the mass was cancer.   She is blessed to have found it so early; stage one, carcinoma.  After exploring options Tracy’s medical team and family opted for the lobectomy procedure. 

September 15, 2022 Tracy underwent a lobectomy.  It ended up being a double lobectomy; removing both lower and middle lobes of her right lung.  The placement of the tumor was between both mid and lower airways   Her doctor made the best decision for her while she was under.  

She woke and immediately started focusing on her full recovery.  

This walk is exactly 30 days post lobectomy for Tracy.  Won’t you join her AT the walk or consider supporting her with your donation and prayers as she makes this walk a part of her recovery journey?

Being a part of LUNG FORCE is about supporting those in need and saving lives by funding innovative research and early detection initiatives.

We would greatly appreciate your support, either by joining our team or offering your support.

Your donation turns small steps into bold strides toward a world free of lung cancer and lung disease.

Thank you.

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LUNG FORCE Run/Walk - Cleveland
Wade Oval October 15, 2022

To support our efforts, and to help save lives, register and donate now.