John Casterline's Lung Cancer Hike

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John Casterline's Lung Cancer Hike of the Pacific Crest Trail
June through September 2012

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The Story of John Casterline

On July 31st, 2006, I retired for the 2nd time and one week later was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. In Nov of 2010 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and had my prostate removed.  In Dec of 2010 I was diagnosed with throat cancer and surgery removed 95% of the tumor and radiation was used to complete the therapy.  

 In 2011, I hiked 1000 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT).   I plan on hiking again in 2012 and hope to complete the remaining 1600 miles.  For those not familiar with the PCT, it begins at the Mexican border near San Diego and ends at the Canadian border above Seattle.

 So, join me on this adventure. I am dedicating this trek to all those who preceded me in the battle to conquer lung cancer. Please make a contribution for the American Lung Association and support my hike. 


Why Fundraise?

John came to the American Lung Association in August of 2010 asking how we can work together to raise awareness around lung cancer and raise vital funds for research while incorporating his love of the great outdoors and backpacking.  Since the start of his campaign, he has raised $20,607.22 which has been designated for the American Lung Association's Central Florida Lung Cancer Endowment Fund.  These funds will be used strictly for lung cancer research in Central Florida.

John's goal has been to raise $10 for every mile that he will hike along the Pacific Crest Trail...a grand total of 26,560 miles.  Please help us to reach our goal of raising $26,560 for this campaign.



Follow My Blog

John will be updating this blog from the trail when he departs in June 2012.  In the mean time, periodic updates will be posted on his training and preparation for the hike.

Check out where he is on the Pacific Crest Trail, the sites along the way, and more. CLICK HERE

The Pacific Crest Trail

Pacific Crest Trail Map




This map provides a big picture overview of the Pacific Crest Trail. On the blog page you will find a dialog box on the left which appears on every page with a link to a Pacific Crest Trail map at the bottom. Clicking on this will produce a map which will show specific information about John's progress and will be marked with the letter "J" showing my location for a given date. Also, at the bottom of this map is an icon (for lack of better term) which says "Show Mileage". Once you have clicked on that, whenever you "cursor over" anywhere along the trail, the mileage and elevation will display.








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