Gulf Coast Bike Trek

Le tour "Eiffel"

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We are joining thousands of other cyclists and the American Lung Association to raise money to fight lung disease and increase awareness about the importance of lung health.

Lung disease can take someone's breath away, leaving them unable to attend school, exercise or play. Growing faster than almost any other major illness, lung disease, including lung cancer, asthma and emphysema is the third leading cause of the death in the United States.

Our school is dedicated to academic excellence as well as social responsibility and a sense of community. This year's focus on pediatric lung disease embodies our team's mantra of "Kids for Kids". A strong sense of community is very much in keeping with the French eductional system.

Gustave Eiffel Academy implements the best of the French and American systems availing our children of truly bilingual education.

Please join us in our efforts to make a difference by making a personal or corporate tax-deductible donation.

Thank you in advance for you support!

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Gulf Coast Bike Trek
St. Pete College October 21, 2023

To support our efforts, and to help save lives, register and donate now.