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Team Gerecht is riding for Dan.

On May 2, 2023 Dan Gerecht, avid cyclist, husband, father of two and grandfather of four lost his short battle with nonsmokers’ non-small cell lung cancer that had been diagnosed only weeks before.  He was just 64 years young.

Biking, beer and baseball were his passions.  He worked in a bike shop in high school and never stopped riding--logging 7,000+ miles in 2022. His home was filled with bike décor—craft knickknacks, books, posters and even bathroom towels. For Dan, biking was therapyBiking was life!

Ironically, Dan had asthma as a child and led Maryland Lung Association rides in his 20’s.  A friend recalls that they were once on an exhausting 125-mile ride with the finish in sight when they saw a cyclist needing help. Tired as they were, Dan stopped without hesitation. That was just Dan.

He was in great shape, unfailingly cheerful and optimistic, engaging and friendly, and always quick to volunteer to help others. Our pledge to Dan is to honor his memory and hopefully help others as he would want us to do, by raising funds for lung disease research. Thank you to all of our supporters!

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Autumn Escape Bike Trek
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