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Autumn Escape Bike Trek

Departure Sea Camp 2019
Departure Sea Camp 2019


Team MOHAWK    

2020 marks the 27th Trek for Team Mohawk. Over the twenty six years  we have raised over $600,000 dollars for the ALA in the fight against Lung Disease. Last year we raised of $32,000 in the fight against lung disease and work to provide CLEAN AIR to the next generation.  Please support our team as we ride in the  AEBT....  This is WHY WE RIDE!

Sandy Allaire, Rose Mary Allen, Larry Amico, Jimmy Anderson, Diane Arruda, Julie Bakula, Louise Barisano , Pat Bellefeuille, Scott Berry, Anthony Bille, Hope Birkbeck, Joyce Bishop, Lisa Bodurtha, Jim Bolding, John Bresnahan, Ed Buccieri, Marcia Burns, Marion Camuso, Jen Cipriani, Max Corson, David Crowell, Robert Crowell, Jonathan Dailey, Debbie Deliangis, Anthony DiBello, Katherine Dolphyn, John J. Downey Jr. , Mark Driscoll, Albert & Ruth Drown, Patricia Dugan, Joe Dupont, Catherine Durgin, Oliver Durgin, DeeDee Dye, William A. Eldon, Bruce Allen Enge, Susan Farmer, William Finneran, Margaret Fitzgerald, Julia A. Flanagan, Vincent Froio, Howard & Marie Gaffney, Peter Garon , Frank Gentile, Evelyn Gibbons, Dennis P. Gibson, David Goldman, Rose Goldman, Courtney Greene, Pauline Griffin, Alan Haas, Fran Harkins, David & Elaine Harriman, John Harris, Frank Haskins, Joan Haskins, Mitch Hoenig, Buddy Hull, Beverley Hutchins, Barbara Katz, Georgette Kennedy, Robin Kolb, Jimmy Kwok, Sally Lauric, Joanne Lawson, Mary Linenkemper, Louie Linquata, Joan & Roger MacDonald, Chito Madrigal, Evangelos "Evan" Maravelis, Braden McCabe, Hugh McCarthy, Doris McCormick, Jane McLaren, Christopher McWade, Gene Megna, Joan & Ed Murphy, Jimmy Murray, Tina Norman, Albina Nosel, Hank Nosel, Peachy Nosel, Deb O'Connor, Peter O'Leary Sr., Carol Olson, Janet Olson, Marion Osborne, Walter Paul, Bill Penning, Renee & Armand Petriccione, Eleanor Pielech, Joanne Powers, Raymond Preville, Nicole Provencher, Rich Quitadamo, Tommy Raskin, Wally Raymond, Kimberlee Redden, Marc Regberg, Ed Salvas, Shirley Scharen, Peggy Schwendiman, Charles L. Seddon, Sagar Shah, Lester Shearing, Lynne Smith, Glynne Stanley, Joan Sutter, Will & Wendy Tarver, R.T. Travis, Frank Tsao, Masie Tsao, Miriam Upton, Florence & Rene Vaillancourt, Marie Varadi, Helen Viner, Marlene Vuketich, Noah Westmoreland, Matt Winer, Inge Zimmerman, and Team Alpha and all future victims of Lung Disease

We Ride for YOU! 


This past year 2019, we beat our goal and raised over $35,000 as a team to honor the many of our friends and family that have suffered from Lung Disease.   This year we hope to beat last years team total as you can see the list of WHY WE RIDE has grown over the last two decades and we ride for them and those to come.


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