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We've helped over a million people end their addiction to tobacco with our Freedom From Smoking and Not-On-Tobacco programs. Get your group or individual program materials, as well as brochures on e-cigarettes, secondhand smoke and more.

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Use este libro de actividades bilingüe (español/inglés) para ayudar a los niños de 8 a 11 años a comprender los peligros de fumar. Hay actividades que refuerzan el mensaje de que fumar nunca es inteligente. Incluye rompecabezas, juegos de palabras, y otras actividades.
Use this bilingual (Spanish/English) activity book to help kids ages 8-11 understand the dangers of smoking. Fun activities reinforce the message that smoking is never smart. Includes puzzles, word games, and other activities.
Esta Carpeta de Guía para Facilitadores de Freedom From Smoking® no personalizable es para facilitadores activos y capacitados por la American Lung Association en su programa de Freedom From Smoking®. Este guía funciona en conjunto con el currículo de Freedom from Smoking® y los libros de trabajo para participantes.
This non-customizable Freedom From Smoking® Facilitator Guide Binder is for American Lung Association trained and active Freedom From Smoking® Facilitators. This guide works in partnership with the Freedom From Smoking® curriculum and the participant workbooks.
Incorporando las últimas investigaciones en adicción y cambio de comportamiento, este programa médicamente sólido aborda las dificultades de dejar de fumar con actividades de la vida real y un nuevo enfoque gráfico. GUÍA DE AUTOAYUDA: no usar para clínicas grupales de FFS.
Para Clinas de FFS dirigido por facilitadores capacitados y certificados en Freedom From Smoking®
FOR FFS CLINICS - led by trained and certified FFS Facilitators
Incorporating the latest research in addiction and behavior change, this medically sound program approaches the difficulties of quitting with real-life activities and a fresh new graphic approach. SELF HELP GUIDE- Do not use for FFS group clinics
Help smokers prepare to quit for good with reader-friendly motivational tips and information. Ideal for individuals ready to quit and those thinking about quitting.
A supportive, positive tone emphasizes the importance of quitting smoking for women who are pregnant or are thinking about becoming pregnant.
Deliver the facts about the impact of tobacco use as a public health issue. Hard-hitting statistics emphasize the magnitude of this issue to smokers, their families and policymakers. (Pack of 100)
Give friends, family members and co-workers this important tool to help them support and motivate a loved one's journey to quit smoking.
Use this reader-friendly brochure to emphasize that smoking is hazardous to everyone's health, even nonsmokers.
Give tobacco users the positive reinforcement they need to overcome a top obstacle to quitting: weight gain. Action‐oriented information helps break the cycle of quitting, gaining weight and returning to tobacco use.
Tobacco use--including e-cigarettes and "vaping"--is a growing health concern for teens. As adults, the parents, healthcare professionals and school employees who work with kids are in the unique position to help educate them and support those who want to quit.
With e-cigarette use on the rise, especially among young people, it's important to know the truth about these devices. This informative brochure answers the most common questions people have.