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Ask Congress to Support Mid-Sized Charities During the Pandemic

Over the last few months, Congress has acted to ensure small businesses and smaller charitable organizations can access forgivable loans. This access to capital is essential to continue to serve communities. We are asking for Congress to extend these policies to cover the American Lung Association and other mid-sized charitable organizations so we can continue our vital missions as well.

The American Lung Association like so many other charities has had to cancel events, which fund our lifesaving research and programs. The Lung Association is also being called on to help the American public during this pandemic. In April we announced we will expand our COVID-19 research within its Airways Clinical Research Center Network to examine preventive research, vaccines, antivirals and to advance future outbreak preparedness, as well as to evaluate the effect of COVID-19 on patients with chronic lung disease.

All charities need relief during this difficult time. Until we can hold our in-person events and increase our revenues, we need Congress to expand its assistance to all nonprofits.

Please contact your members of Congress today, to make sure charities like the American Lung Association can continue our vital mission.


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Mid-Sized Charities Need Congress to Act

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