Not in my air: Get vaping out of Wisconsin public places!

After the staggering number of illnesses and deaths reported in just the last few months due to vaping, it’s crystal clear that vaping does NOT belong in public places where other people can be exposed to the secondhand aerosol. Vaping clouds contain nicotine, ultra-fine particles, heavy metals, volatile organic compounds, and other toxins. Vaping aerosol is NOT clean air, which Wisconsinites were promised 10 years ago when the smoke free air law was passed.

But Senate Bill 442 corrects that by including e-cigarettes in the smoke free air law. Please take a moment to contact your legislators to ask them to support SB442 today.


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Dear [Decision Maker],

There can no longer be any question that vaping is not healthy and secondhand aerosol is not clean air. E-cigarette aerosol is NOT just harmless water vaper. It contains nicotine; heavy metals, such as zinc, lead and nickel; fine particles; chemicals, including formaldehyde, acetaldehyde (used in nail polish remover) and benzene, a major part of gasoline; as well as other toxins that are not safe to breathe. Nicotine is addictive, even in small amounts. Ultrafine particles can cause asthma attacks and heart disease. Heavy metals, VOCs and chemicals can lead to cancer. And e-cigarettes are being used to vape other, equally dangerous and illegal substances. Even the base ingredient, propylene glycol, while safe to eat is NOT safe to inhale, especially after being heated.

Please support SB442 and add e-cigarettes to Wisconsin CLEAN indoor air law.

Thank you,
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