Tell Your Members of Congress: Protect People with Pre-Existing Conditions

There is a proposal at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that would allow insurance companies to sell “short-term” plans that offer inadequate and “skimpy” insurance policies. These plans do not cover patients with pre-existing conditions and they allow plans to charge older Americans five times more for their premiums.

Even worse, young and healthy people could be tempted to purchase these low-premium short-term plans even though they have very few benefits. That would result in people who need comprehensive health coverage like those with lung disease to have even higher premiums.

The Bottom line: these plans don’t include any patient protections and will make healthcare even more expensive for those who need it most.

Would you please take a moment to send a letter to your members of Congress, asking them to stop this proposal at the Department of Health and Human Services?

People with lung cancer and lung disease need quality and affordable healthcare. This will take us back to the days when people with lung cancer and lung diseases can’t get an affordable healthcare plan that will cover their treatments and doctors’ visits.

Thank you for taking action.


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