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Healthy Air Saves Lives

The Clean Air Act is the nation's most important tool in the fight for healthy air. It has successfully saved lives and improved health by reducing pollution for 47 years. It prevents tens of thousands of asthma attacks, heart attacks, strokes, and premature deaths every year.

But your right to clean and healthy air is under attack. Powerful polluters are pressuring decision-makers to weaken the Clean Air Act and to delay air pollution cleanup requirements.

  • A bill we've nicknamed the Smoggy Skies Act would delay lifesaving protections against ozone pollution and permanently weaken the Clean Air Act if Congress passes it into law.
  • The Trump Administration has proposed drastic cuts to EPA's budget.
  • Congress is also considering budget cuts for EPA.
  • The Administration has proposed to revoke the Clean Power Plan, a clean air protection that would prevent asthma attacks, save lives, and fight climate change if implemented.
  • The Administration is considering pulling back lifesaving limits on ozone pollution.

Click below to urge President Trump, EPA Acting Administrator Andrew Wheeler and your members of Congress to fully fund, implement and enforce the Clean Air Act for all pollutants—including those that drive climate change and make it harder to achieve healthy air for all.


  • President Donald J. Trump
  • Your Senators
  • Your Representative
  • Administrator Andrew Wheeler


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