Stand up for health - protect the Clean Air Act

It’s never been more important to fight for healthy air.

Thanks to the Clean Air Act, America has made lifesaving progress toward cleaning up pollution in the air we breathe, and fighting climate change that threatens our health. But now, polluters and their allies in Washington, DC, want to gut the Clean Air Act, block lifesaving limits on pollution, and undo our nation’s work to address climate change.

We need your help. Tell your representatives in Washington that you’re counting on them to stand up for your family’s health and defend our healthy air protections from polluter attacks.


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Dear [Decision Maker],

Please protect our health by opposing any attempts to block, weaken, or delay protections under the Clean Air Act. Our nation must continue efforts to continue to clean up old dirty power plants and industrial facilities, and help clean up or remove outdated vehicles from our roads.

I'm counting on you to fully protect the my family's health from all types of pollution in the air we breathe, including ozone smog, particle pollution, carbon, methane, and mercury and other toxic air emissions. I'm also concerned about efforts that fundamentally weaken the law and make it harder to protect public health from air pollution in the future.

Please stand up for my family's health and fight back against any efforts to block, weaken, or delay health protections against air pollution. We're counting on you.

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