Call Your State Senator to Support Raising Indiana's Cigarette Tax

Indiana has the lowest cigarette tax in the Midwest. Raising tobacco prices is proven to be one of the most effective things we can do to help people quit and keep young people from starting. The American Lung Association in Indiana and our partner organizations are united calling for a $2.00 per pack increase in the cigarette tax to lower smoking rates and provide needed funding for public health in our state.

The Indiana House of Representatives recently proposed raising the tax by just 50 cents per pack. This is not enough to have a public health impact. So now we're calling on the Indiana Senate to do better.

As an advocate for lung health, will you make a quick call to your state senator's office to show your support for this policy that will lower smoking rates in Indiana and save lives?

Step 1: If you already know your who your State Senator is, you can reach the Indiana Senate Operator at (317) 232-9400 and proceed to the scripted talking points below.

* Please note, you might reach the senator's legislative assistant. Don't be alarmed if their voicemail name doesn't match your senator's name.*
  • Hi, I would like to leave a message for Senator _______.
  • My name is _____ calling from (Insert hometown). I’m calling to ask Senator ______ to support raising the cigarette tax this year. It has been 14 years since it was last raised, and this is the best year possible to do it.
  • The House Budget included a 50-cent increase, but that’s just not enough to lower smoking rates and keep kids from accessing these addictive products. Plus tobacco companies simply offer promotions and coupons to keep people buying.
  • It also doesn’t generate much funding to address the health emergency facing the state.
  • For years now, health and business groups have been united in asking for a $2.00 per pack increase, and I think that’s what is really needed based on how far behind our state is.
  • So I’m asking Senator ______ to be a leader on this issue. Let’s move the cigarette tax forward in the Senate this year, but it has to be enough to make a difference for the health of the state. 50-cents just doesn’t measure up. Thank you.