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Let's Make Lung Disease Walk the Plank!

As a long time asthma sufferer, I know first hand how lung disease can impact our daily lives.   Lung disease is so much more than just asthma, too. My mother has survived lung cancer, our family friend Nancy did not nor did my friend Joanne.  I lost my step grandmother to COPD, a disease that made it difficult to even talk to her on the phone in her last years.


The American Lung Association is doing things right now in our communities to provide clean air, support for those suffering from lung disease and supporting lung cancer research.


It's been awhile since I was able to fundraise for ALA, as I've been recovering from a leg injury that prevented me from cycling. Now, I'm ready to get back on the horse!  Or, bike!


I will be riding in the August 2, 2014 Marin Century (doing 100K/62 miles) - my biggest ride since my injury 4 years ago.


Please - ride with me and join my team, or sponsor me as I get back on my bike and try to remember how to climb hills on a bike!  Thank you!   XOXO Valerie


PS My stretch goal is $8,000 - can you help me get there?! :-)