Living and Breathing Colorado

Run the 'Rocks

Why We Run

American Lung Association runs so that we can all LIVE AND BREATHE COLORADO. We are fighting for clean air to preserve our scenic views and lungs. We do this through initiatives such as Clean Cities, Saved by the Scan, Tobacco cessation programs and many more initiatives.

Through Run the Rocks we are championing the fight for clean air and healthy lungs. There are two types of air pollution dominate in the U.S.: ozone and particle pollution. These two pollutants threaten the health and the lives of millions of Americans. While the Clean Air Act has helped to improve the air quality of the U.S. as a whole, there is still much work to be done here in Colorado.

  • Denver is the 11th worst city in the country for Ozone pollution
  • Last year Denver County received a Grade F for particle pollution


How does air pollution affect your lung health?

The most common air pollutants carry dangerous health effects. Air pollution triggers asthma episodes, sends people to hospitals, shapes how kids' lungs develop and can even be deadly. Although air pollution increases health risks in all people, it has an especially large effect on youth. Children face special risks from air pollution because their lungs are growing and because they are so active.

Research shows that children who grow up in more polluted areas face an increased risk of having underdeveloped lungs, which may never recover to their full capacity. The average drop in lung function caused by air pollution was 20 percent below what was expected for a child's age, similar to the impact of growing up in a home with parents who smoked.

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