Rider Resources/Forms

Team - Memory of BobWelcome to the Reach The Beach - Washington !  The below resources are to assist you in your ride.  Here you will find things such as downloadable forms and information to help you with your fundraising.  

Check back often as the content on this page may change frequently.  

Team Resources

So you have formed a team...

Remember to view our Team page where you can find out answers to basic question such as

  • What is a team
  • Why should you form a team
  • How much does it cost to have a team
  • What type of tools do we have to help you and your team be a success!
  • And much more...

Also, check out the Team Captain Job Description page.  This page will help direct you on what to do to get your team going. 

And there is our Team Goal Setting Worksheet, this downloadable worksheet will

  • help with team fundraising
  • and much more!

All Riders

Don't forget to download our Fundraising 101 for easy tips on Fundraising.

Visit our FAQ page for the answers to your questions

If you find out you need additional help in any of the above areas, please contact Jessica Schwendeman by email at rtbwa@lung.org.  Jessica Schwendeman will be happy to answer your questions and to help coach and provide fast and efficient ideas to reach your fundraising requirement


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