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What is Fight For Air Climb?

Fight For Air Climbs are unique fundraising events for the American Lung Association. They usually happen in prominent skyscrapers, stadiums or arenas and involve climbing multiple steps. Sometimes called a "vertical road race", teams and individual participants can use the event as a fitness target, as a race, with you challenging yourself or you racing against other people, or as a great way to be active and meet new friends. We know a lot about lung disease, but there is so much we don't know. Your participation will raise the funds necessary to provide lifesaving education, research and advocacy so we can beat lung disease and soon find a cure.

What is the address for the U.S. Bank Center?

777 East Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53202

How tall is the building?

The U.S. Bank Center is 47 floors, 94 flights, and 1,034 steps!

What is the average time to climb the building? 

The average time to climb the U.S. Bank Center is 15 minutes.

Where should I park?

Free parking is available at the U.S. Bank Parking Structure. 

The parking structure at 833 E. Michigan is a pay lot, not associated with this event. The U.S. Bank Parking Structure is preferred, as it is free and volunteers are on hand in the structure to lead you to the Galleria level of the U.S. Bank Center. 

Need a place to stay the weekend of the Climb? Check out the Westin Hotel Room Block!

Thanks to our partnership with the new Westin hotel in Milwaukee attached to the U.S. Bank Center we are able to offer a $99/night room rate to all those who book their rooms for the weekend of the Climb (March 9 March 10) by using this website OR if by calling the Westin reservations line at (866) 912-1060 and requesting the Fight For Air Climb Room Block. Room rate expires February 16, 2018.

Don’t forget that you have the chance to win a FREE hotel stay by working towards Top Fundraiser status! Check out more information on the perks of being a top fundraiser here.

What should I bring on event day?

We will have gear check available on event day, so you can bring your jacket with you to the event. Please leave all valuable items at home as we are not responsible for lost or stolen items. Wear athletic shoes you are comfortable climbing in.

Please bring any fundraising dollars you have collected and not yet turned in. If you have collected donations, make sure to also bring the Pledge Form with you to ensure your donors are properly thanked after the event from the Lung Association. We cannot thank your donors if we do not have complete information. And of course, please bring a positive attitude and lots of energy!

What time should I be there on event day?

We ask that participants arrive 45 minutes prior to their start time. This gives you time to check your gear, warm up and find your team. Start times will be assigned the Wednesday prior to the event and will be posted online by 2:00 p.m. An email will be sent that day to participants with a direct link to start times. Each participant will also be assigned a "wave number" along with their start time. It is important to remember both your start time and wave. Teams will receive the same start time and wave number.

Can I pick my Climb time?

Due to the popularity of this event, we are unable to accommodate Climb time preferences. Exceptions will be made for participants that join the Top Fundraiser Club (fundraise $1,000+ as an individual), teams that join the Summit Club (fundraise $10,000+ as a team), and event day sponsors as well as past award winners (fastest climbers). Interested in our VIP and Top Fundraiser Clubs? You can find more information on our VIP/Top Fundraisers Page. If you or your company is interested in becoming a Sponsor, please contact Monique Hughes at or 262-395-1699.

What can I bring in the stairwells?

You may only bring inhalers, iPods, cell phones, MP3 players and CamelBak backpacks into the stairwell with you.  There will be water stations in the stairwells.  Due to building regulations, we do not allow participants to carry children while they climb in the stairwells.

Are water bottles allowed in the stairwells?

No. Due to safety concerns, water bottles are not allowed in the stairwells while your climb. Water Stations will be located in the stairwells.

Where can I store my personal belongings?

Gear Check will be available for all participants and volunteers.  Please note the American Lung Association and U.S. Bank are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

What is the age requirement to climb?

The minimum age to participate in the Fight For Air Climb is 5 years, but please use your judgement. Participants need to be able to read and understand stairwell signs. Participants need to be able to climb by themselves.

Where can I find race results from 2017 & 2016 and where will the results be posted after the 2018 event?

Finish times will be posted at the event and on the home page of the Climb site within 24-48 hours of the event, or as soon as possible. Once you complete the 2018 Climb, you can find out if you beat your time from 2017 or 2016. If you did, you will receive an extra Beat My Time ribbon for your medal for improving your time!

How do I sign up?

You can register online or you can call our Special Event Staff and register over the phone during normal business hours (8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday - Friday) at 262-703-4200.

Get tips on how to register, start a team and join a team in this short video:

How much is the registration fee?

Climbers, Half Climbers, Firefighters, Law Enforcement & Other First Responders

FY18 WI Registration Chart

Ultimate Climbers

FY18 WI Registration Chart UC

Non-refundable registration fee

Can I register the day of the climb?

Yes.  Registration fee will be $45 for Climbers and $70 for Ultimate Climbers.  You will receive your time based on the current schedule of pre-registered participants.

An additional minimum fundraising fee of $100 will have to be turned in before you may climb.

Is there a minimum fundraising requirement?

Yes, there is a minimum fundraising requirement of $100 per person.  Climbers have until event day to meet their minimum fundraising requirement of $100 per person.  Climbers who have not met their fundraising requirement on event day will need to pay the outstanding amount in order to participate in the climb. 

Does the registration fee go towards the $100 minimum requirement for each person?

No, the registration fee and the fundraising minimum are separate. Registration Fee + $100 = CLEARED TO CLIMB!

Where can I send my donations?

Donations can be sent to the American Lung Association office:

American Lung Association in Wisconsin

Attn: Fight For Air Climb

13100 West Lisbon Road  l  Suite 700

Brookfield, WI 53005

Make sure to send your Pledge Form in with your checks you collect, completely filled out and legibly written. This way, we can thank your donors! Donations of $5 or less will not receive a receipt.

How do my donations help?

With the generous support of people like you, the American Lung Association in Wisconsin saves lives by fighting for healthy lungs and healthy air. Today, our fight is more important than ever. $.89 cents of every dollar raised by our organization goes directly to education, research and advocacy.

What is a matching gift?

Your donations can go even further with a matching gift! Many companies offer matching gift programs in which the company will match an employee’s contribution to a charitable organization. If you are not sure if you qualify for a matching gift, please use the company search tool below. The tool will provide you with information regarding minimum and maximum match criteria, as well as steps on how to get started.


Matching gifts can be submitted to our office at 13100 West Lisbon Road, Suite 700, Brookfield, WI 53005. Matching gifts can be counted toward your fundraising minimum only if the check is received by event day.  

I'm nervous about raising the $100 fundraising minimum.  Do you have any tips for fundraising?

Of course! We never want to turn anyone away. Some ideas for fundraising can include a garage sale, bake sale, or even asking your boss for a casual day for donations at your office. For additional assistance please log in to your Participant Center to download the Climb Fundraising Guide or contact the Special Events staff at 262-703-4200.  Be sure to also check out your Welcome Packet!

Get tips on how to set up your Participant Center in this short video:

How can I honor a loved one affected by lung disease?

UM-FY16-Climb-Stairwell SignsFight For Air Climb Stairwell signs can be purchased to honor a loved one affected by lung disease. We will notify the purchaser of the stairwell sign the range of floors where the sign will be located before event day. At the event, pick up your copy of your commemorative sign at the Gear Check Pick-up located on the Galleria Level. Stairwell signs cost $10.00 each. They can be purchased during the registration process, or by downloading the Order Form and send it to the American Lung Association office (address on form). *Fees for the signs will not be counted toward your fundraising totals.

I'm a Fight For Air Climb alumni.  Is there any gear that I can order?

Yes!  We want you to show off your support to the Fight For Air Climb by wearing an official Alumni T-Shirt or Tank!  You can purchase these during the registration process.

New Look

2018 Alumni Tanks/Shirts

When do I find out my start times?

We will email you your time by Wednesday, March 7, 2018.  Climb times will also be posted on the front of our website at that time. Start times will be assigned in waves. Teams will be assigned the same wave. Waves will start at 6:30 a.m. for Ultimate Climbers and 8 a.m. for Individual Climbers and Teams.  Participants should arrive 45 minutes prior to their start time. If you are a member of our VIP & Top Fundraiser Clubs, or an event sponsor, you will be able to pick your start time. For more information on joining these clubs, please contact Monique Hughes at or 262-395-1699.

When will Packet Pick-up be?

Packet Pick-Up is not mandatory, but we encourage climbers to pick-up their packet at Packet Pick-Up. Participants who are not able to come to Packet Pick-Up can pick-up their packet on event day.

Please note that all fundraising must be raised and turned in when picking up your packet. Each individual must pick up his/her own packet. A photo ID is required. All participants will receive a technical tee and a bib. You will receive your timing chip before you climb on event day and your finisher’s medal after you climb. If you need to register or have other team member’s register, you may do so at Packet Pick-up.

Can I pick up my teammate’s packet?

Yes, but you must bring approval from those climbers or a printed email stating you have permission to pick up their packet, and the teammates must have met their individual fundraising minimum of $100. No exceptions! You will be responsible for giving your teammate their packet. Please notify the Special Events Staff before packet pick-up and they can ensure all the packets you are picking up are together.

If I do packet pick-up prior to Climb day, what do I have to do the day of the Climb?

If you have more money to turn in, you can do that at registration. Otherwise, you can go straight to gear check and get ready to climb. Please remember to arrive at least 45 minutes prior to your Climb start time. This gives you time to check your gear, warm up and find your team. 

Can I practice in the stairwells of the building before the event?

Practicing in the buildings before the event date will NOT be possible, unless you participate and meet the fundraising requirements to partake in our Practice Climb. Check out our Training & Resources page for more information!

How do I train for the Climb?

Find out more information on our Training & Resources page.

What do I receive for participating in the Climb?

In addition to the achievement of climbing to the tallest building in Wisconsin, all participants will receive a finisher's medal, and technical event t-shirt. There will be music and refreshments for you to enjoy in the celebration area.

How do you get down after you climb?

All participants will ride the elevator down.

Can family and friends come to the top and watch me finish?

No, due to limited space, we cannot allow any non-participants at the top. There is a spectator area located to the left of the security desk on the Galleria level of the U.S. Bank Center where you can meet your friends and family after you ride the elevator down.

What if I cannot make it to the top?

Go to the nearest water station in the stairwell. If you cannot make it to a water station, let a team member or another climber know and tell them to inform the next water station they see. All volunteers at water stations will have a radio and will help you out of the stairwell and down to the Galleria level.

Can I volunteer for the Fight For Air Climb?

Yes!  Click here for volunteer opportunities.

What are the important dates regarding the Fight For Air Climb?

We don't want you to miss anything!  Check out the dates & events that you don't want to miss out on.

What is a team captain?

Being a team captain is easy. Captains gather together friends, family members and co-workers and encourage them to participate in the event together. Each team captain guides their team members, from online registration to setting and achieving a fundraising goal. Team Captains should encourage their participants to personalize their fundraising pages with why they climb, send e-mails to other friends, family and co-workers, hit their overall goals, show up to the event and have a great time. Some team captains organize gatherings before or after the climb for their team members, but this is not required. In short, we need help to rally the troops and the best people for the job are always our team captains.

What are requirements for teams?

Teams need to have at least 5 members to qualify for team awards. However, there is not a minimum number of team members required to form a team if you are creating a team to climb at the same time as each other. 

What is a team vs individual climber?

Teams are groups of two or more climbers that want to participate together.  They increase awareness and make fundraising and training easier and more effective, plus they have more fun!  Each member is responsible for his/her own individual registration fee (there are no team registration fees) and his/her own $100 fundraising minimum. Individual climbers can be anyone interested in supporting the American Lung Association, fighting lung disease or seeking a new challenge.  You will register, fundraise and climb on your own, but you always have the option of starting your own team later. (or joining an existing team) 

Can I climb at the same time as my family or friends?

Of course! All you need to do is create a Family/Friends team. By creating a team, you will be assigned the same start time and wave number. Teams can be as small as two people to ensure you climb together. Teams can be as large as 100+ people. In order to qualify for team awards, you must have a minimum of five people registered on your team. 

What does "Full Gear" mean to the Fire Department Challenge?

To compete in the Team Anthem Fire Department Challenge or the Individual Anthem Firefighter Challenge, you and your team are expected to wear official firefighter gear: helmet, mask, suit, boots, and tank. Everything except for the ax.  Click here for the requirements.  Police Departments, SWAT teams and other First Responders (in full gear) may also participate in the Anthem Firefighter Challenge. 

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