Step Up to the Challenge

Day Of Event Details

Parking and Driving Directions

Rhodes Tower
30 E. Broad St
Columbus OH 43215

Event Directions

Parking Instructions:

Official Climb 2018 parking is available at the Statehouse Parking Garage, located at: 1 Capital Square, Columbus, OH 43215. More information about parking can be found on the State House Parking Website.

Event Day Schedule

When do I find out my start time?
Your start time will be e-mailed to you by the Thursday before the climb. There will also be a link, on the Columbus website’s front page, to the start time. If you are wishing to climb with a friend (or friends/family/coworkers) please register as a team.

What should I bring on event day?
Please bring any fundraising dollars you have collected and not yet turned in. Please bring a roster of your team members if you are the captain as well as how much each person raised if not already online. Most importantly, please bring a positive attitude and lots of energy!

What can I bring in the stairwells?
You may only bring inhalers, iPods, cell phones, MP3 players into the stairwell with you. There will be water stations in the stairwells. Due to building regulations, we do not allow participants to carry children while they climb in the stairwells.


Awards for the 2018 climb will be in the following categories:

  • Fastest overall male and female
  • Fastest vertical miler
  • Fastest individual firefighter/first Responder
  • Fastest firefighter/first responder team
  • Highest fundraising individual
  • Highest fundraising family team
  • Highest fundraising company team
  • Highest fundraising individual firefighter/first responder
  • Highest fundraising firefighter/first responder team
  • Most spirit-filled team (that means get wild and crazy and dress up your team!)

If you need any fundraising or team building ideas, please reach out to your climb manager at

Last year’s times and awards list can be found HERE

Safety Procedures and Climber Etiquette

To ensure the safety of all climbers and allow for the best experience, please pass slower climbers on the wall without the rail, and let them know you are coming from behind to pass. You should always climb on the rail side of the stairwell. Emergency teams will be located at the bottom and top in case you need assistance. Volunteers will be available at the water stations to notify them if you need help.

Trained medical personnel will be located in the lobby and on floor 40.

Water Stations

Water stations are located on floors 7,18,29 and 40. Water bottles are not allowed in the stairwells, as it is a safety hazard.


Always announce your presence and your intent to pass the slower climber. Climb on the rail side of the stairwell. Pass on the left side.


Please note that all climbers must be at least 7 years old by event day in order to participate. Any climber under the age of 18 must climb with an adult, and must not be left alone under any circumstances. For adults who climb at a faster pace, please note that your child may not be left unattended while you climb. Please make arrangements accordingly. Due to building regulations, your safety, and that of your child, child toting is not allowed.

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