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Climber Feedback

CFCA Kim Feedback


“This journey has been the wildest of my life. From the fundraising to the training, to the climb itself, I've meet some amazing friends and learned an incredible amount about mountaineering that opens up so many doors.

Kim, Mt. Rainier


CFCA Rich Feedback

“I couldn't have done it without everyone who donated. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Amy and I raised over $9,500 for the American Lung Association. Anyone who has wanted to climb Rainier should definitely consider this climb next year."

Rich, Mt. Rainier

CFCA - Ryan Feedback

“So glad to reach the summit of Mt. Baker this past Sunday. My ALA rope team was strong and determined."

Ryan , Mt. Baker

CFCA Frosty Feedback

“I am so blessed to be on your team. I am so fortunate that you stepped up and joined me on this journey. I am so grateful that for whatever reason, you decided to make a small investment in me. And in so doing, made a large difference in other people's lives. And guess what I began to make plans for as I descended the mountain? Exactly. 2018. I'll be back. Will you join me again?

Frosty, Mt. Rainier


CFCA - Lisa Feedback


“A great wild climb on Mt Hood this morning with the best family around!”

Lisa Hill, Mt. Hood

CFCA AJ Feedback“What made this climb truly special was the people. If I can explain how thankful I am in one quote from the movie Into the Wild it’s this: “Happiness is only real when shared”. Without my Lolo, my family and friends supporting and donating, all the incredibly inspiring people who took on this challenge with me to climb Mount Rainier, and last but not least the amazingly talented people at RMI who kept us confident and safe this whole climb would not have happened.”

AJ, Mt. Rainier

CFCA - Alice Feedback“The journey to this mountain was hard physical and mental work, but thanks to my friends and family who supported me and the ALA with donations, questions about the ALA, the training and the climb, words of support, and love, and to my climb team who were spirited and passionate, to our talented RMI guides who made the trek fun and safe, and to my amazing sister, Wendy, for sharing these adventures with me and inspiring me with her fierce determination, we not only summited and learned so from the spectacular Mt. Baker.”

Alice, Mt. Baker

CFCA-Rachel Feedback

“Terrifying at times and totally otherworldly from the moment I arrived, Lady Rainier showed us that she owns every climber on that mountain. This experience was a wonderful reminder to take yourself out of your comfort zone and to enjoy every moment of it. Thanks to our badass guides at @rmiexpeditions and to everyone who donated. And the biggest of thanks to my poppa for always supporting my adventures - this one is for you.”

Rachel, Mt. Rainier

CFCA Molly Feedback

“From the get-go, some serious friendships were made and we all grew to trust and encourage each other along this epic journey.”

Molly, Mt. Rainier


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